• How to Ace Your Job Interview

    Athens, GA - January 08, 2020

    How to Ace Your Job Interview

    You've submitted your resume and cover letter. Maybe you've survived the first phone interview, and your potential future employer has reached out to have you come in for an in-person interview. This is an exciting but nerve-racking step in your job search. To ace your interview keep these tips in mind:


    Make sure you do your research. Come into the job interview informed. Make sure you look at the "About Us" page on the company's website. Check to see if the company has been mentioned in the news lately if so, read the article and be prepared to divulge your knowledge about the company as a talking point in your interview. 


    Going into the job interview, make sure to take another look at the job description. Be ready to talk about the reason you're interested in working for the particular company and this position. Be able to talk about the skills you've gained at your previous jobs, and how they will translate to the job you're currently applying for.  


    Always come prepared with a question or two to ask at the end of your interview.  You can ask what a typical day looks like in the particular role that you've applied for if that hasn't already been mentioned earlier in the interview. You may want to look up the position of the person who is interviewing you. This information may be useful when it comes time for you to ask questions at the end of your interview. Since people love talking about themselves, you could ask what their favorite part of their job is, or why they like working for this particular company. If company culture is a priority for you, ask what the company culture is like. 


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