• How to Successfully Network Online

    August 05, 2020

    When it comes to landing your next job and building a lasting career, your social network of colleagues may not seem as important as a skill or workplace experience. However, building a strong network of diversified relationships is crucial for your professional life, whether you are actively looking for a job or not! While networking can be very beneficial, it requires interpersonal skills, motivation, and courage.


    As we all navigate the world of working during a pandemic, most workplace functions have been temporarily or permanently moved online. Though there may not be in-person networking events, you can successfully network using online social platforms such as LinkedIn by following online etiquette rules. 


    First, it's time to make a profile on an online social service. Usually, a friend can invite you to join the service, or you can start your own profile by downloading the app or visiting a website. It's important that you add as much as you can to your profile about past job experiences, your resume, what your goals are, and something personable to help you appear approachable to potential networking friends. It's important to know that fully completed profiles will help your LinkedIn page to be viewed more.


    If you know someone who already uses the online service, you can look at their list of friends or those they are following to instantly gain access to hundreds of people that you can connect with. Keep in mind that most people don't take to pushy interactions, so give them space and keep it as simple as sending a friend/follow request. By browsing friends' profiles, you can find people who work in an industry you are interested in. If the individual has a background that inspires you, you could ask them for advice on their success. 


    Online platforms such as Facebook, Handshake, and LinkedIn can be game-changers when it comes to building your career network. By following these tips, you can successfully utilize social networking to help you build a strong professional support system that may help you find your dream job. 

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