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  • The Importance of Having a Mentor

    November 10, 2019

    The Importance of Having a Mentor

    Navigating the professional working world can be an intimidating and confusing process. Many people, especially those new to or re-entering the field, may feel anxious and uncertain if they can handle the stress of job searching, applications, and interviews. Some may ask where to even begin the process. Thankfully, Express Employment can help ease these concerns.

    The value of having an employment mentor is often overlooked. Mentors are an excellent way to learn specific skills and to gain first-hand experience from someone directly involved in the field. Whether it is shadowing their daily work schedule, or simply meeting for coffee during a lunch break, mentors can open doors to countless opportunities. As job seekers, it can be nerve-wracking to reach out to mentors first, especially on professional websites such as LinkedIn. However, most people are friendly and are open to conversation. The hardest part is asking! Express Employment can also help you find an employment mentor to fit your needs.

    Not only are mentors important for discovering more about the workforce, but they can also create new connections. Networking not only benefits the mentee but the mentor as well! For several industries, it can be a matter of who you know when it comes to standing out from other candidates during the application and interview process. Mentors can help bridge the gap between employers, employees, and job seekers. 

    At Express Employment, we want to assist our clients and build their careers to their fullest potential. We are a certified employment agency and temp employment agency. We additionally have a list of all of our locations, with specific websites and resources for each one. For all of your job search needs, be sure to visit our website today!