Job Search in Evansville: Resume Writing Tips

  • Job Search in Evansville: Resume Writing Tips

    Evansville, IN - July 19, 2019

    Job Search in Evansville  Is resume writing one of your least favorite parts of the job search? Crafting a stand-out resume that accurately represents what you bring to the table is rarely easy. That's why our hiring experts at Express Employment Professionals Evansville offer support with the resume writing process as well as other challenging aspects of the job search. Our services are available for here in Evansville and within the Tri-State communities and nation wide. Read below for some resume writing tips that can help you get past your writer's block.

    Enhance Your Job Search with a Better Resume

    While you may simply view your resume as a laundry list of your past jobs, it can be so much more than that. In fact, it's typically a potential employer's first introduction to you as a candidate. Because of this, you should put in the effort to leave hiring managers with a positive first impression of you after reading through your resume.

    Here are some of our tips for improving your resume so it can start opening doors to new opportunities:

    • Tailor and tweak for each job application. Before submitting your resume, be sure that it reflects the job description in question and addresses all the requirements in the description. You can even re-frame your experience and skills in light of the position and include industry-specific terms from the description where appropriate.
    • Eliminate any red flags. Small mistakes like verb tense errors or misspellings may be tough for you to notice, but for hiring managers they actually act as big red flags. Take the time to carefully proofread your resume before submitting it, and enlist a friend with a sharp eye to double-check your work.
    • Prioritize readability. It's rare for hiring managers to spend more than a handful of seconds reading through a resume. In other words, you have a very brief window of time to get the most important information across. Keep your wording simple and concise, cutting out fluff and filler, to ensure the reader is able to immediately identify the most significant facts concerning your accomplishments.

    Could you use the help of our professional hiring experts to get your resume in tip-top shape? Contact Express Employment Professionals Evansville today at (812) 401-5454 to learn more about how we can help with your job search here in the Tri-State communities or nation wide.