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  • An instructional video series designed to teach young adults how to successfully enter the workforce.

  • 1. An Introduction to Top Job Search Advice & Career Planning
  • 2. Top Trending Jobs & What They Pay - Job Market Forecast
  • 3. Best Places to Find Job Openings - Finding Job Opportunities
  • 4. Best Way to Write a Resume, Job Genius
  • 5. Top Interview Tips, How to Interview Well
  • 6. Interview Follow-up and Tips for the First Day on the Job
  • 7. Create a Career Path and Set Career Goals
  • 8. Soft Skills for Career Success
  • 9. Tips for Money Management
  • 10. Hot Jobs with High School Diplomas and Apprenticeships
  • 11. Trending Career Tracks for Associate Degrees
  • 12. Jobs with Bright Futures for Bachelor's Degrees
  • 13. A Conclusion to Top Job Search Advice & Career Planning
  • Partner With Us

    Our goal is for Express franchise offices to partner with local schools and organizations to make this educational video series available to the community through classroom training or one-day events. We want to empower each member of the next generation to make the education and career decisions that are best for them. 

  • The Job Genius program is published by Express Services, Inc. All rights reserved. The videos and worksheets may be used as produced, without any edits or alterations. The video files may not be distributed, however they can be viewed from YouTube or the DVD provided by Express Services, Inc. The links to the Job Genius videos on the ExpressEP YouTube channel may be shared and embedded, but the videos can not be uploaded into additional YouTube channels. The Job Genius worksheets and evaluation may be printed and distributed. For additional permission requests contact the Marketing and Communications department at Express Services, Inc. at 800-652-6400.