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    Creating a career path, attending interview after interview and then finally landing a job can be an extensive process. Here at Express Lakeland, we want to help our local young adults achieve their career goals and successfully enter the workforce.

    Queue Job Genius, an educational program designed by Express headquarters to help young adults do just that. With our experience of putting over 450,000 people to work each year here at Express, you can rely on us to be the source of your educational needs.

  • Program materials available for download include:

    • Facilitators Guide
    • Social Media Guide – Sharing Videos Online
    • Social Media Guide – Promoting a Job Genius Seminar/Event
    • Sample Agenda
    • Promotional Template
    • PowerPoint Presentation
    • Evaluation

    Handouts and video titles include:

    1. Introduction (available now)
    2. Job Market Forecast 
    3. Finding Job Opportunities 
    4. Your Resume
    5. The Interview
    6. After The Interview
    7. Career Pathing
    8. Conclusion  

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    Interested in accessing more of the Job Genius program? More information will be released in the near future! Please contact us directly if you have any questions about the program.

  • The Job Genius program is published by Express Services, Inc. All rights reserved. The videos and worksheets may be used as produced, without any edits or alterations. The video files may not be distributed, however they can be viewed from YouTube or the DVD provided by Express Services, Inc. The links to the Job Genius videos on the ExpressEP YouTube channel may be shared and embedded, but the videos can not be uploaded into additional YouTube channels. The Job Genius worksheets and evaluation may be printed and distributed. For additional permission requests contact the Marketing and Communications department at Express Services, Inc. at 800-652-6400.