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  • January Associate of the Month

    South Phoenix, AZ - January 22, 2019


    January 2019 Associate of the Month - Phoenix Job Agencies

    Congratulations are in order for our Associate, Jose!

    "Everyone at the Phx Airgas Branch is glad that you have chosen Jose to honor with this award. He does a fabulous job taking care of our drivers and our product. He is always on time, willing to stay late if necessary, excellent in dealing with customers, and such a quick learner, that he was able to handle most aspects of our distribution process in just a few weeks. Looking for something for Jose to do is never necessary. That's because he always searches out and takes on new tasks as soon as he finishes one. He continually brings a positive attitude to work with him, along with a contagious laugh, and an ever-present smile. We hope he enjoys it as much here as we enjoy having him here. Our whole operation extends him congratulations on being chosen associate of the month. He definitely deserves it." - Jose's Manager

    Keep up the great work, Jose!