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  • Monday Morning Leadership - Express Employment Professionals
    Monday Morning Leadership – Virtual

    Monday Morning Leadership is a four 2 hour-session training program designed to infuse daily leadership behaviors into every day.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Steps to leading self and others.
    • Setting the bar for performance and accountability.
    • Evaluating and hiring the right people.
    • Skills in time management and meeting leadership.
    • Learn to motivate and develop team effectively.


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    Supervisor Bootcamp Leadership Training - Express Employment
    Supervisor Bootcamp – Virtual

    This training boot camp provides the practical tools, tips, and techniques necessary for your front line management to thrive in the day-to-day battle of front line leadership.

    Virtual Supervisor Boot Camp Includes:

    • Sixteen hours of training (four 4-hour sessions).
    • Interactive sessions and activities.
    • Downloadable training materials, tools, and workbook.


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    Virtual Purpose Driven Leadership Training
    Purpose Driven Leadership – Virtual

    Purpose-Driven Leadership Training focuses on "turning the mirror" on leaders to recognize that their leadership has the greatest influence on those they lead and directly impacts engagement and retention. There are six training sessions which focus on learning, developing, and applying new leadership skills.

    The full Purpose-Driven Leadership Training Series includes:

    • 24 hours of leadership training and application
    • Books, assessments, and participant workbook
    • Surveys taken before and after training to measure performance changes
    • Action plans
    • Coaching forms provided to supervisors of attendees to facilitate continuous development


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    Workplace DiSC - Build a Better Workplace
    Workplace DiSC Training – Virtual

    Ready to take communication to the next level for yourself or your team?  Workplace DiSC  is an advanced training, offering employees at all levels the ability to build more productive and effective relationships at work.

    Workplace DiSC Includes:

    • 6 hours of live training and application
    • 23-page in-depth Assessment
    • Extended learning opportunities with our interactive learning portal that gives participants unlimited access to on-demand insights about DiSC and strategies for applying DiSC to real work situations
    • Personal Action Plan - a specific and measurable plan to improve self-awareness and workplace relationships


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    Foundations of Emotional Intelligence
    Foundations of Emotional Intelligence – Virtual

    In this 4-part virtual training, participants will learn how to heighten their self-awareness and manage their emotions by analyzing the impact of reacting vs. responding. Emotional Intelligence training is for anyone looking to improve their interpersonal relationship skills and is valuable for all levels of employees.

    The Foundations of Emotional Intelligence training covers:

    • Session 1: Self Awareness
    • Session 2: Self Management
    • Session 3: Social Awareness
    • Session 4: Relationship Management


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    Introduction to Executive Coaching - Express Leadership Center
    Introduction to Executive Coaching

    More specific information is coming soon! Until then, click the button below to learn more about our Introduction to Executive Coaching courses.

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    Strategic HR - Live Virtual Training - Express Leadership
    Strategic HR Leadership - Live Virtual Training

    Via Zoom - Starting April 26th

    The courses offered in the Strategic HR Leadership training program are for those HR Professionals in a Senior HR Generalist role or HR Leadership (management) role who are experienced or new to HR business planning to support a company's strategic goals. This training program will be delivered virtually in 3-hour courses over 5 weeks. All training is delivered live and includes participant engagement and activities. 


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    Project Management Essentials – Virtual Training
    Project Management Essentials – Virtual Training

    Learn the Essentials of Project Management

    This 4-week virtual training teaches the mechanics of effective project management, how to get people onboard, and achieve successful results. Participants can expect to be fully engaged while learning and applying a step by step approach to help reduce the risk and uncertainty associated with project completion.

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    Time Management – Virtual Training
    Time Management – Virtual Training

    A New Perspective on Time Management

    This course will look at some ways to help us be more productive with our time. We won't look so much at "time management" as we'll look at "behavior management, affecting our time". This workshop won't add minutes to your clock. It won't add time to your day. It might, however, help you be more predictable, productive, and happy with how you used your time

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    Transforming Workplace Conflict – Virtual Training
    Transforming Workplace Conflict – Virtual Training

    Powered by Everything DiSC®

    Take conflict from being a workplace dread, to an asset. Rather than focus on a step-by-step process for conflict resolution, Transforming Workplace Conflict helps learners curb destructive behaviors in the moment so conflict can become more productive. This ultimately improves your workplace results, relationships, and culture. A personal assessment helps learners increase self-awareness around conflict behaviors and discover how to effectively respond to the uncomfortable and unavoidable challenges of workplace conflict.

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