Meet Our Team at Express in Anchorage

  • Our Express Anchorage Team

    It's important for us to go beyond what is expected of our team. We are proud to help you succeed in your job search or employment needs. For that reason, we make each and every person that comes to us for help an absolute priority. We are your partners in success. We are dedicated to helping our community meet its needs while maintaining an "Express Servant Attitude" – always striving to get to "yes." And although we strive to help everyone, it is not always possible. However, we always make an effort to provide powerful suggestions that will help the chances of Job Seekers succeeding in the future. 

    If you're looking for thoroughly screened, talented workers for your company, if you are on the lookout for a different or better job, or if you need HR guidance and/or training,  give us a call at our Anchorage office location today for your no-obligation consultation. Remember – at Express Anchorage, we do not charge Job Seekers, and Employers only pay if we are successful in our recruiting efforts! 

    “People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” --Teddy Roosevelt

    Whether are seeking a dedicated temporary employee or a talented direct hire candidate, you can trust that our team will not disappoint!  At Express Anchorage, you can rest easy and know that our team will consistently work hard to maintain our standard of absolute quality!

  • Elisha Arunga
    Managing Partner

    Elisha had been working with Express since May of 2006. Elisha values honesty and hard work. His fun-loving, yet competitive, nature shows proof of a good worker through his previous success at the Kent, WA office before relocating to Alaska. 

    Elisha has become an active part of our community, serving on both the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce and The Great Alaska Council. 

    When he isn’t doing a great job running our office, Elisha enjoys spending time with his wife and three sons as well as watching sports, playing basketball, reading, kayaking, and swimming.

    David Lowe
    Managing Director of Professional Staffing

    Since March of 2007, David Lowe has been striving for success here at Express! He came to us with four years of prior sales and sales management; however, his favorite part about working with Express has to do with, not sales, but matching great companies with great employees as well as working alongside our fantastic team! 

    When he isn’t at home with his beautiful wife and kids, David enjoys to golf and following the stock market. David’s strong will to succeed and refusal to fail makes him the perfect candidate for our office!