Hiring Qualified Skilled Trades Talent

  • Don’t Make These Recruiting Mistakes!

    OKLAHOMA CITY - July 14, 2020




    How Not to Hire the Best Skilled Trades Talent


    Your business is ready to grow. Orders are coming in, and you see the potential that lies ahead. But your team will need more talent to make sure you can meet the increase in demand. Your customers, clients, and senior leadership want to know, what are you going to do? 7-14-2020 Hiring Skilled Trades Talent

    Post and Pray

    It's likely what you've already done and it's the easiest approach to hiring. Create a job posting, pick out a few online job boards, enter your credit card information, and start hoping for qualified candidates to fall into your inbox.

    Recruiting highly skilled and technically proficient employees has never been more difficult, but your time is valuable, and while this is the easiest and fastest way to get the word out about your opening, results are varied. For example, you could receive response from so many applicants it's difficult and time consuming to identify qualified applicants or your ad may hardly receive any response.

    Host A Job Fair

    The job is posted to your website and to various online job boards. But qualified candidates still aren't applying. Maybe it's time to put together a job fair?

    Sounds like a great idea, but when you sit down and think through all the steps that go into organizing and promoting a job fair, you'll quickly realize the results may not be worth the investment. Whether it's the costs associated with advertising the event or the amount of time you'll spend working out the details, job fairs require valuable time that you may not have.

    Call Previous Applicants

    You've hired for open positions in the past, and interviewed dozens, maybe even hundreds, of people. But they weren't the right candidate. They didn't have what you needed for the job, or they weren't a great culture fit, but this time, it just might work out. 

    Digging through your records to find candidates you've previously interviewed to see if they're interested in coming back in for another interview might sound like the right path, but you're most likely going to be disappointed. If someone you interviewed before wasn't cut out for the job, unless something drastic has changed in their knowledge or experience, you probably still don't want to hire them.

    What You Should Be Doing

    Call your local Express office! We have more than 825 locations across the U.S., Canada, and South Africa and can take the burden of recruiting and hiring off your plate. When production is ramping up and you need to quickly fill open positions with skilled talent, Express is the place to turn so you can keep your focus on sustaining and growing the business.

    Our offices have a pool of talented candidates for your skilled trades positions in a variety of fields. Whether it's filling a temporary or seasonal need, an evaluation hire, or a direct placement, the staffing experts at Express are ready to help.