Job Search in Irving: Resume Writing Tips

  • Job Search in Irving: Resume Writing Tips

    Irving, TX - July 25, 2019

    Job Search in Irving | Express Employment Professionals Irving  Are you wondering how you can make your resume stand out, giving you a boost in your job search? At Express Employment Professionals Irving, we know what it takes to craft a stellar resume. Our hiring experts support job seekers in Irving, Coppell, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Addison, Grand Prairie, and nearby TX communities with their resume writing needs on a day-to-day basis. Read on for some tips that can help your resume catch the eyes of HR professionals.

    Level Up Your Job Search with a Stand-out Resume

    Take a look at the following suggestions for a better resume:

    • Focus on the facts. Whenever possible, incorporate hard evidence to back up claims regarding your past work experience. For example, "increased efficiency by X%" or "saved the company X amount of dollars" is more useful information than "worked efficiently" and "cut costs."
    • Tailor your resume to the job description. While you may be hoping that resume-writing is something you only have to do once during your job search, the truth is it's better to tweak your resume for every job you apply for. Focus on re-framing your experience and skill base in a way that makes it relevant to each specific job description.
    • Understand the importance of keywords. It's not uncommon for companies to first put resumes through a software program that filters them based on certain keywords and phrases. To avoid being filtered out, try to naturally incorporate industry-specific terms into the appropriate areas of your resume.
    • Choose formatting that is easy on the eyes. While you do want your resume to stand out, you want it to do so because of the information it contains, not because you've used a special font or formatting style. Stick to tried-and-true styles that are both concise and readable.
    • Become a grammarian. While grammar may not be your forte in general, this is the one time where you need to be sure that your grammar and spelling are flawless. If you don't trust your own eyes to catch typos and grammar errors, get a friend to perform a thorough check before you press send.

    Are you ready to learn more from our hiring professionals? Make your job search easier and more productive by calling Express Employment Professionals Irving at (972) 258-4981 to get started with our services for job seekers in Irving and neighboring towns.