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    We work hard to get the right people into the right job for the right client. It is wonderful to see and hear the positive impact our office has on getting people back into the workforce. Read below what a few of our associates had to say about their experiences. Contact us today, and let us help you write your success story.

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  • “Great company. The staff is amazing.”

                                        -Laura H.


    “I have to give many thanks to you for suggesting me to Barbara! I am completely happy at work and home now due to you and the company family. I couldn’t have asked for a better company to work for! So thank you for everything.”

                                        -Esteen A.


     “The best company at getting the job done in putting people with the right job.”

                                        -Dwight P.


     “I wanted to thank you for finding me my new position. I knew after my sister had spoken so highly of you and Express I had to give it a try, and had I known how quickly you were able to help me not only find a position but transition between them, I would have gone to Express much sooner. Everyone I spoke with there was very nice and helpful, and I tell all of my friends looking for work that Express should be their first stop.”

                                        -Ryan S.


    “Everyone at the Lynnwood office is amazing. I appreciate you guys so much.”

                                        -Sophat L.

    "In all honesty you have a big part in this new opportunity. You are always so helpful and I love that every time I have a question I have been able to come to you. I'm going to be an On-Site Recruiting Manager for a manufacturing company and I only hope that I can do as great a job as you!"

                                       -Ana O.