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  • Express Blog Articles Salem, OR Four Questions to Ask at the End of your Interview Salem, OR - 02/23/2022 Are you searching for a new career? If so, you're probably preparing for interviews. One of the most important parts of the interview process is the questions that you ask at the end of the interview.
    Express Blog Articles Salem, OR 4 Signs It’s Time for You to Take a Mental Health Day Salem, OR - 12/22/2021 Work is often one of the biggest stresses in our lives. Juggling deadlines, meeting expectations, and dealing with difficult people or situations can take its toll. And when our mental health is already struggling, it can be easy to feel like we're constantly teetering on the edge.
    Express Blog Articles Salem, OR Is Job Hopping Still a Red Flag to Employers? Salem, OR - 11/29/2021 In the past few years, you've held a few jobs that varied in length. Maybe you accepted a position with a different business after a few months that better fit your future goals or one of the companies you worked for ended up laying off several employees due to the pandemic. 
    Express Blog Articles Salem, OR 3 Ways to Get a Promotion Salem, OR - 10/06/2021

    Do you have your eye on a new promotion at work, but you're not sure how to stand out from your co-workers? Then Express is here to help! In this blog post, we will discuss 3 ways to set yourself apart from the crowd and prove you're the right choice for the promotion from the perspective of a staffing agency.