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  • Express Blog Articles Albany, OR Do You Have a Job or a Career? Albany, OR - 04/27/2022 Employers traditionally have seen job-hopping as a bad thing. However, because more and more job seekers prefer to take advantage of the gig economy, having a few short-term jobs on your resume has become more acceptable as of late.
    Express Blog Articles Albany, OR 3 Tips to Write a Stellar Cover Letter Albany, OR - 03/28/2022 When you are submitting applications, there's a good chance that writing a cover letter is the last thing you want to do. However, since the application asks for it, you write something in a matter of minutes and send it off.
    Express Blog Articles Albany, OR Impressive Questions to Ask at the End of Your Job Interview Albany, OR - 02/28/2022 So, you've made it through the job interview and now it's time for you to ask the final questions. This is your chance to ask anything you want about the job, the company, or the team. But what are the best questions to ask? And how can you make sure your questions leave a good impression?
    Express Blog Articles Albany, OR Top-Rated Skills Needed in Any Profession in 2022 Albany, OR - 01/26/2022 The job market is in a constant state of change and as such you might be asking yourself what skills are most sought after by companies this year.
    Express Blog Articles Albany, OR Being More Assertive in the Workplace Albany, OR - 12/22/2021 While exuding niceness in the workplace can endear you to your coworkers and managers, it can sometimes lead to you accepting more work than you should which can ultimately lead to feelings of burnout at work.