Do You Have a Job or a Career?

  • Do You Have a Job or a Career?

    Albany, OR - April 27, 2022

    2022-04 Employment Center in Albany, OR Employers traditionally have seen job-hopping as a bad thing. However, because more and more job seekers prefer to take advantage of the gig economy, having a few short-term jobs on your resume has become more acceptable as of late. There's nothing wrong with simply obtaining a salary for an occupation, but ideally, these occupations should all be part of a planned career route. How can you tell if a job is simply a way to make money or if it's going to contribute to your career? An employment staffing agency in Albany, OR is here to help you tell the difference.  

    Employers want to know that you are moving forward in your professional development. This implies that you've been learning and gaining responsibilities as you move from position to position. Have you worked at one business for a couple of years and then transitioned into a higher position in the same industry but at a different company? That is a career! If you've held the same position at three different firms in three years, it might appear more like a list of jobs rather than a career. If you get raises but remain stagnant in terms of learning, then you aren't aiding your career. You want to continue to learn and develop as much as possible. 

    Essentially, a career is made up of jobs that provide you with access to better jobs, one after the other. This isn't to say that each position is more lucrative than the next; it simply implies that in each job, you learn something new that can help you in your next job. Even if your employment consists of a variety of jobs in various sectors, it may still be considered a career if you continue to learn and develop. You may take what you learned as a public speaker with you to a sales job and understanding the ins and outs of how events operate as a wedding planner would be helpful in a marketing position.  

    To put it simply, we work to earn a salary. There's nothing bad about that. But the goal is that each position you accept generates another opportunity, allowing you to realize your ideal profession. Are you ready to start your job search ? Reach out to Express Albany today to find a job that can help you take the next step in your career!  

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