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    Employee turnover can be expensive. Time spent recruiting, interviewing and training a new hire adds up and can cost an employer as much as 150% of the employee's annual salary.

  • Baton Rouge’s Premier Recruitment Service

    Express Baton Rouge offers the recruitment services your business needs for efficient and cost-effective staffing. Our team knows how quickly time and money can go to waste when you’re hiring a new team member. We offer an ISO 9001:2000-certified recruitment process to streamline workforce staffing for businesses throughout the Baton Rouge area. We can help your business find the high-quality people you need, within a timeframe and a budget that fits your needs.

    Our agency is proud to be the Baton Rouge business community’s trusted recruitment service. In addition to businesses in Baton Rouge, LA, our recruitment services support the business communities of St. Gabriel, Plaquemine, New Roads, and St. Francisville.

    Workforce Recruitment Services in Baton Rouge, LA

    Our workforce staffing solutions are designed to help you quickly find qualified workers for the positions that power your business. Workforce placements cover office positions, like admin staff and customer service reps, as well as manufacturing and industrial positions, such as production line roles and warehouse jobs. At Express Baton Rouge, our workforce recruitment services rely on an ISO 9001:2000-certified process that lowers costs and turnaround for these placements, without compromising the quality of candidates for your business.

    To find qualified candidates for your workforce needs, our recruitment service is constantly on the lookout for hard-working, skilled individuals. When we recruit new candidates, each is carefully screened, interviewed, and assessed for their skills and character. This way, we have a high-quality pool of existing candidates in place whenever your business needs new staff. We’ll take the time to understand your staffing needs, review the candidates who fit your specifications, then match you with an individual whose skillset and experience make them a great fit for your workplace.

    Professional Recruitment Services in Baton Rouge, LA

    When hiring a professional for a leadership position, finding the right fit makes all the difference. A professional hire is an investment in your business, and the professional recruitment services at Express Baton Rouge reflect this.

    Our professional recruiters connect Baton Rouge businesses with talented and accredited professionals from in-demand fields like human resources, legal, sales, and accounting. To ensure the right fit, our professional recruiters take the time to learn exactly what your business is looking for in an ideal candidate. We will perform an exhaustive search for possible candidates, carefully screen and interview a shortlist of qualified choices, then present you with our top 2-3 picks.

    Call (225) 926-5627 today to learn more about how recruitment services from Express Baton Rouge can streamline staffing for your business.

  • Candidate Recruitment ProcessYou Take Care of Business. We'll Take Care of You. 


    Your local Express team will manage the recruiting and selection process for you and present you with only the best people for your business needs. Each applicant goes through a multi-step, ISO 9001:2000 certified selection process, including:


    • Applicant Information Verification
    • Interview
    • Skills Evaluation - From computer and office skills to technical proficiencies and behavioral assessments  
    • Employment Verification (Reference Checks) - Confirms job experiences and references
    • Hiring Decision
    • Matching and Assignment to Meet Client's Needs


    Each of these steps is crucial in helping you find skilled, qualified employees. But the most important part of our process is finding the right person who not only fits the job, but your unique company culture, as well.

  • Contact Express and let us send you a qualified worker who fits your job description and company culture.