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    We would like to thank all the clients and Associates who gifted us with a review of their experience at Express Grand Forks. As a local staffing and employment agency, our focus is to provide outstanding job opportunities and workforce solutions to our community's Job Seekers and Employers. By sharing your experience with us, you are letting us know which methods and services work best for you, which in turn, allows us to continue to improve and exceed all expectations! 

  • Local Clients/Companies

    Shelly O., Sales Manager

    "Express Employment Professionals helped us with our hiring process. We were looking for someone full-time with strong marketing skills for our company. She screened the applicants, and sent us only the candidates that matched the qualifications we needed. She has been very easy to communicate with, friendly & informative. They helped make this whole process go very smooth. Thanks to Express we have found the perfect marketing director!"

    Rochelle G.

    "Express Employment Professionals did a great job finding qualified candidates to interview for our Escrow Closer position. The staff at Express acted quickly, professionally and found Priority Title an excellent full-time employee. Finding qualified candidates can be a difficult process in itself; however, using the services of Express made the process much easier. I recommend using Express Employment Professionals to anyone looking for qualified staff."

    Richard H.

    “Express Employment has been helping us with our staffing needs for many years. In a low unemployment era, Express has been able to provide us with recruiting services to find new employees. In addition, we send all of our new employees through Express when they start so Express can handle the initial onboarding, once we are comfortable with the new employee we roll them on to our payroll. It’s a great way to find the good employees we need. If the employee does not work out, Express takes care of it. We have found that it helps save time and money with the hiring process, unemployment, and other onboarding hassles. Their whole team is dedicated to working with us to find and retain the staffing we need and I am glad we have partnered with them. I would recommend using Express Employment for recruiting as well as HR services.”

    Jill J.

    “We have been using Express Employment for flexible staffing and payroll for all of our new employees for a while now. It is a great way to save time and money with the onboarding process. Express has been able to streamline the process, work to fit our employees in right away and handle any separations that may be needed with new employees during the evaluation time period. I’m very happy that we have teamed up with Express and how willing they are to work together with us for our staffing needs. I would recommend using Express for onboarding all employees as it really gives us an opportunity to evaluate new employees before investing the time, energy and financial resources that are required in the hiring process.”

    Local Associates

    Shae B.

    "Express made a big impact in my life. The staff is very nice, welcoming and encouraging. Express gave me the opportunity to build my career right after my graduation. I definitely suggest going to Express for job search."

    Gwen C.

    "My hunt may not have been like most peoples, in serious need of a job. I had a job and really hadn't given a lot of thought about looking for a new job. In fact, I had been at my job for over 25 years.

    I just happened to bump into a team member from Express and she wondered how I was doing. We talked about positions at Express, at the time it was fairly new to her. I came in and went through the process of getting into the system. Still not giving it a lot of thought as I really didn't know what might come up. 

    I don't recall how much time has passed, it wasn't long, but Express called me one day to see if I would want to schedule an interview. That is when I started to panic. Again, having my job for 25 years I had not been through an interview process in a long time. I studied up on what I needed to know for an interview. It went great! Although that particular job didn't work out for me, it was a great experience. I think I had three or four different interviews and finally, I was hired. I have been at my job now for a little over four months and truly love the change.

    I do have to say all of the staff I worked with at Express was very professional and treated me with great respect. The quality of companies or, might I say, that I interviewed for were really more than i expected. It was a truly great experience and if I ever feel the need to change, I would not hesitate to give them a call.

    I think the best part about all of this is the fact that I really wasn't thinking about changing jobs. I have learned one should not stay at a job for 25 years. Maybe every circumstance is different, but I was working for a small company with limited benefits. So I have really come out of the change with better benefits and even more pay. So, I am very grateful for the services Express offers.

    Thank you to the staff at Express, you truly have changed my life!"

    Anthony S.

    "Earlier this year I moved to Grand Forks from out of state. There was a lot at stake in this move, I was leaving my home, my job, and everything I knew for a new adventure in North Dakota. Even though I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish in my new home , everything depended on being able to find work. Without an income I was stuck. I emailed Express the day I arrived and the next morning I was in an interview. The building is new and exceptionally clean. I was greeted warmly by reception and lead back into a modern office space where I was introduced to my advisor.

    My advisor was responsive to my questions, very knowledgeable, and able to come up with a number of employment opportunities that were in line with my abilities and interests. After 20 minutes we had a potential employer on the phone and as soon as we agreed on a time I was out of the door on the way to an interview. I landed the job that afternoon.

    Finding employment was what I was most worried about during my trip to Grand Forks. Because of Express, I was able to find work quickly and with a company I like.

    People often say, "It's not what you know, It's who you know". If that's the case, Express is who I want to know. They know Employers all over Grand Forks and, like a true friend, they are willing to help you get the job any way they can."

    Lucy P.

    "I wanted to take a minute to thank you. I have had a great experience with Express Employment Professionals so far. From the first day, I walked through your doors you and your team have treated me with great respect and urgency.

    Express has given me the extra boost of self-confidence I need to go out to my interviews. Your follow up calls are not pushy, just supportive. This is a new experience looking for employment, one I didn't see coming. You have treated me with support and dignity and I greatly appreciate it. I look forward to working with you. Again, thank you for your support and help through my new adventure."

    Magen A.

    "After spending SO much time looking for just the right job to meet my needs and failing on my own, I joined Express. I was soon contacted about a job that they felt would be a great fit for me. After I was hired for what has turned out to be my absolute dream job, Express continued to stay in contact with me incase I needed anything and to be sure everything was going well.

    This has been a wonderful little perk that I never expected. They work hard to link my knowledge, skills, needs, and abilities into finding my dream job! My employer has also stated that they really enjoy working with Express."

    Jessica M.

    "Working with Express was a breeze. The initial meeting with them was very informative and within a couple of days, I had multiple interviews lined up. I was very pleased with the quick and easy process and found a great fit with my employer."

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