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  • Kari White
    Human Resource Manager

    "G.Loomis has partnered with Express for over 20 years because of their dedication to truly understanding our plant's needs for flexible staffing.  They are committed to selecting the individuals who fit our jobs best, not just sending "a body."  They are a team of open and honest communicators who  have become an extension of our business.  I have peace-of-mind knowing that they will find us the right people in a timely manner. Express is a well-rounded staffing partner who we appreciate greatly!"

    Tim Chanthavisay
    Yard Supervisor - Safway Services LLC

    "It is with great pleasure that Safway Services, LLC uses and recommends Express Employment Professionals for our staffing needs. We have been using Express steadily for a year now and we could not be more pleased with the results we have gotten. The workers we have received have been of exceptional caliber and turnover has been low.

    I have personally been fortunate enough to have worked on both sides of staffing with Express, both as a customer and an employee, and I can say without reservation that Express has demonstrated the utmost in professionalism, courtesy, and quality. As a worker I was always treated with respect and dignity. If I had a complaint I felt like the staff at Express heard me and then took action to address the issue. As a customer of Express, my staffing needs have always been met in a timely manner and with a good candidate match.

    One of the greatest assets that Express brings is their understanding that a successful worker is more than just a body that can perform a task. Express takes the time to understand the individual workplace cultures and finds a candidate whose personality meshes well in that environment. Express has sent several of their internal employee out to our facility to not only observe how we operate but also to create a face-to-face relationship with us. They have taken the time to get to know our permanent staff in order to better fulfill our needs, and have even invited us to several events they have sponsored, ranging from golf tournaments to various seminars.

    Safway highly recommends Express Employment Professionals for any type of staffing need, both industrial and clerical. We believe that other companies can benefit from a relationship with Express, just as we have."

    Ralph Clark
    VP-General Manager

    "We have worked with the folks at Express Employment Professionals for the past four years and have found them to be an extremely valuable business partner. We have used a wide variety of their services and they have always come through for us. They have helped us when we were attempting to hire multiple people at once, as well as when we just need one person right away. In a tough labor market, they have worked hard to find us people with the backgrounds we need to fill our open positions.  Most of our production jobs require semi-skilled workers who are willing to work very hard in a fast paced environment.  

    We have utilized Express services for all the following types of openings: Office and Clerical Personnel, One Day Temps and Temp to Hire positions. I have reviewed a number of training sessions they have offered and found them to be very useful. The staff at the Express Office have been very pleasant to work with and very responsive to our needs. I highly recommend them for any and all staffing needs you may have."      

    Carol Zaharko

    "I am pleased to recommend Express Employment Professionals as a business partner for staffing. We have utilized their services since 1996, and have found them to be reliable and responsive to our needs -- from one to five people to fill a vacancy with two days notice, to an immediate need for three people for a temporary assignment. We have utilized Express Employment Professionals to fill vacancies in production, shipping, and clerical positions.  

    We know that getting the right person for the job will be both a cost saver and time saver in the future. So, over the last six years, I have worked closely with Express Employment Professionals to identify the type of individual who will be most successful at G.Loomis. It makes my job much easier knowing that Express understands my needs and has developed processes that have enabled them to send us the quality of individuals we seek. The Longview Express Employment Professionals staff have always been pleasant to work with. They’ve made sure they understand what our business is and does, and they’ve communicated an interest in our success. Like I said, I consider them a business partner with G.Loomis."      

    Jason Cypher
    Express Associate

    "Express is awesome. They have gone above and beyond for me to make sure I had employment everyday I worked with them. They always found me the highest paying jobs based on my credentials. I couldn't ask for a nicer staff to be involved with. The Longview Express Team will definitely take care of you if you work hard for them."

    Lynda Duke

    "We have worked with the staff at Express Personnel Services for the past ten years and have found them to be an extremely valuable business partner.  We have used a wide variety of their services and they have always come through for us.  They have helped us to fill approximately 90% of our temporary needs from 1 to 40 positions.    Their staff is very intuitive to the type of personnel we’re looking for. Some of which have become full time employees in our company.   

    We have utilized Express services for all the following types of openings:  Administrative, Procurement, Engineering and our skilled Production Personnel.  They also take care of all vetting for their candidates, including, References, Pre-Employment Drug and Criminal Background checking.

    Lisa and everyone at the Express Office have been very pleasant to work with and very responsive to our needs.  I highly recommend them for any and all staffing needs you may have.  Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information."

    Lori McDaniel
    Express Employer

    "I was sent to Express Employment back in 2007 to be put on the payroll for a company. I have worked with the Express Employment Professionals staff from both company and employee perspective now for almost 10 years.

    The staff at Express is very wonderful, and easy to work with. They give you pointers in places you may need help in, and praise in places you excel in. They are professionals that hold you accountable.   There is a lot of mutual respect and trust with this employer, be good to them and they will be good to you. 

    I am now in a position that I have went from a temp employee with the company to the decision maker within my company. I now work with express from an employer standpoint to staff for labors.

    I just couldn’t image working with or for any other staffing company. They have treated me so good over the years, it feels like family. I recommend everyone that is looking for a job and any company looking to hire employees to contact Express Employment Professionals!"

    Jeff Bowman
    President - Lined Value Company

    "I have been working with Express Employment Professionals for over 20 years. I have always had great service from the professionals at Express whether it be finding an employee for a temporary position or finding someone for a temporary to permanent placement position. For a period of time I even use Xenium, an Express company, for pay rolling my entire staff as well as using them for health care coverage, HR questions and providing a 401K for our employees.

    For the past ten years we have used the Longview, Washington office of Express for staffing everyone from welders, machinists and assembly positions in our manufacturing facility to receptionists, order entry clerks up to and including a cost accountant in our office. Express has always provide high quality applicants for all positions and we have been very happy with those we eventually hired. Most of these were hired on a temp to perm basis. Now, many of our current full time employees were hired through Express.

    I would highly recommend using the Longview, Washington office of Express Employment Professionals for any of your personnel needs and for that matter any Express office in Washington or Oregon."

  • Kelly DeWit
    Express Longview Associate

    "Over the course of my 30+ year career, I have worked for various temp agencies, and I have found that Express Employment Professionals in Longview has been one of the best.  When the first assignment they found me turned out to not be a good fit after a few months due to factors beyond their control, they quickly found me a new position almost immediately, making sure I had almost no down time. 

    That second assignment originally started out as a 6-month temp project – it has now turned into a 2+ year on-going relationship with the client company and with a great group of co-workers.  Using my original skill set, I was able to come in and contribute to their business from day one, but then, through learning about an industry I wasn’t previously familiar with, I’ve expanded/enhanced my abilities, an opportunity I really appreciate. I wouldn’t have had that chance if EEP had only looked at my recent previous jobs and tried to find me something exactly like one of them, rather than look at my total skill set and find me a place where, regardless of the industry, I could be immediately useful and yet still have room to grow and learn.  It’s that extra effort that really makes them shine.

    And EEP was really there for me when my mother required hospitalization last year and on-going treatments over the summer that required my presence at some of the appointments.The staff was wonderful in helping me co-ordinate with the client company the needed time off/alternate work hours so that everyone came out ahead.

    I really enjoy working with such a professional, compassionate, and efficient team of people and recommend them if you’re looking for a temp or temp-to-hire position."


    Maggie Castro 
    Express Longview Associate

    "When I first moved to Longview from Olympia, I signed on with Express Employment Professionals and was immediately placed on a project that closely aligned with my skill set. I have been with them on and off since 2011 and have been working on a project for Kapstone Paper and Packaging since 2014. I am fortunate to work with an exceptional group of fellow Express employees. I’m able to put my degree to good use while developing new skills that will serve me well in the future. Being a parent in the workplace can be difficult. Fortunately, Express has always treated me with respect and been accommodating to my priorities.  They have offered me the opportunity to succeed and help advance my career. With Express, I don’t feel like I’m compromising."                                                                                         

    Wendy Dunning 
    Express Longview Associate 

    "I began employment through Express Employment Professionals in August of 2010. Since then, I've worked with numerous local companies on a temporary basis. My assignments have ranged from two days to two years. I am currently performing a one year contract assignment which I'm hoping will turn into a permanent position. Express Employment Professionals has always found assignments for me that match my personality and qualifications. The recruiters are excellent to work with, and have been extremely cordial and supportive by catering to my needs as well as my wants. I would highly recommend using Express Employment Professionals to anyone seeking employment."

    Milly Harbison 
    Past Express Longview Associate 

    "My husband and I moved to the area after living and working out of state for the past 30 years. Signing on with Express Employment Professionals was one the best decisions we made. They quickly found employment for my husband and me. My husband loves his job and it quickly became a permanent one. Express has kept me working continuously. They found me a temporary job as a fill in while one the employees went on a month long hunting trip. When this same employee retired I was asked if I wanted to come back as a temp, this now led to permanent employment. Express Employment Professionals is a wonderful company and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new opportunity."

    Randy Ezukameow 
    Past Express Longview Associate 

    "I have a great job. I work full time earning a living wage with benefits and I started here as a temp from Express Employment Professionals.  Express opened this door and once in I was given an opportunity to demonstrate how I could contribute as a full time employee. It did not happen right away, until a position was open I went on several other jobs as an Express temp and each job was a good learning experience. The staff at Express was very helpful and understood me and my skillset. They communicate well, and worked with me to find a job that met my schedule. Express Employment Professionals is a real example of how opportunity and preparedness can result in a great job."         

    Ashley Stevens
    Former Express Employee and Current Client

    "It has been my sincere privilege to work with Lisa Straughan and her Express team over the course of almost ten years. I started working with Lisa as a Front Office Coordinator, and transitioned to Recruiter. Lisa’s training for her staff was always delivered with care and respect. It was always her goal to make sure her employees were engaged, informed, and loving their jobs.

    When I took a leap of faith to accept a contract Recruiting Coordinator position at a client, Lisa was there to facilitate conversations and offer advice during my transition. When that role turned into a full time gig, the entire office rallied behind me and sent flowers to congratulate me. Lisa and her staff continued to be a resource for me to utilize as I had questions throughout my career. Express offered access to training that not only I, but my hiring managers whom I supported attended. I believe this is a true testament to the value added by utilizing Express as a business partner.

    While employed with Express’ client, I had the ability to recommend and utilize Express’ temp services to support my Hiring Manager’s needs. All candidates were qualified, showed up on time, and hit the ground running with very little training. I am grateful for the time Lisa and her staff took to understand the culture at my employer, as it aided them in delivering great placements to us.

    Throughout my HR career, it’s been a great benefit to be able to utilize the Express team not only as business partners or resources, but also as friends. They practice the utmost professionalism, and the heart they all possess for “getting people out to work” shows daily."

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