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    Paul Weyant


    After 22 years with the U.S. Navy, Paul Weyant will officially retire from service later this year. However, instead of retiring from working altogether, he will open his own Express Employment Professionals office in Monterey County, CA. 

    When he put in his 9-month retirement notice, Weyant wasn't aware of Express but as he began to research franchises on Forbes list of top franchises, he liked what he discovered.  

    "I was looking at the Forbes list to find something affordable, that I'd be good at, and had an ideal culture," said Weyant. "Right away, Express seemed more personal and manageable." 

    Soon, Weyant found himself in Oklahoma City visiting Express International Headquarters for Discovery Day to spend a significant amount of time with everyone in the office. 

    "Express showed me it is a well-run, professional organization," said Weyant about his Discovery Day experience. "No one was disingenuous. It was very impressive how people are really committed and love what they do." 

    As a civil engineer corp officer in the public works division for the Navy, Weyant believes he has learned quite a bit about how to run a business from his experience. He noted how in the Navy, he was responsible for doing the "heavy-lifting," but would always receive significant assistance, similar in his eyes to how Express focuses on helping their Franchisees as much as possible. Although his position in the Navy has given him experience in human resources, management, and customer service, Weyant acknowledges this will be a new challenge. 

    "Challenges are fun," said Weyant. "But doing stuff you've done before isn't that exciting." 

    With the nontraditional length of notice required in the military, Weyant will begin completing all the tasks in opening his office this spring. 

    "Express is a really good fit for veterans," said Weyant. "They worked with my extended notice to make this possible, and they are really good at planning." 

    Once the ribbon is cut at his office, Weyant will rely on his Naval experiences to succeed as an Express Franchisee. With the goal to exceed item 19 in the Franchise Disclosure Document and to ultimately make Circle, he'll continue as he did in the Navy to make sure customers have what they need, and if they don't, to get it to them. His leadership experience has provided him empathy toward challenges and a determination to find a solution. 

    Weyant is anxious to start the process of opening his Express office, especially because now, after having moved around in the military, he and his family will be able to settle in a community they love.

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