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  • “People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”Teddy Roosevelt

    It's imperative to go above and beyond expectations at Express Employment Professionals in Oregon City - we take pride in your success, whether it be for your company or personal career development. That's why we make a priority to try to assist every person that walks through our doors. Think of us as your partner in success.

    We are absolutely dedicated to helping those in need in any and all ways necessary while keeping an "Express Servant Attitude" - working to always get to "yes." And even though we cannot help everyone, we always make a true effort to offer useful suggestions that will improve their chances in succeeding. If you're seeking thoroughly screened, highly skilled employees for your company; or if you're looking for a new or better career; or if you are in need of HR guidance and/or training, contact our Oregon City staffing agency today for your no-obligation consultation. Remember – at Express Oregon City, job seekers NEVER pay a fee and employers only if we are successful in our recruiting efforts.

    Whether you are looking for the right temporary employee fill-in or to find your perfect direct hire applicant, you can believe that our team will go above and beyond, applying all knowledge and talent to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. At employment agency in Oregon City, OR, you can be assured that our team will always work to go above the expected to maintain our standard of complete excellence!

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    Ashley Staudt

    Employment Specialist

    "I love getting to make a difference within our community. It really makes me happy when I've helped someone find a great job opportunity"

    Ashley graduated from Centennial high school in 2009. In lieu of attending a 4-year University, Ashley opted to join the workforce. Ashley quickly took on a full-time position as a teller at a local banking institution. Shortly after, she was promoted to the position of Assistant Branch Manager which she took on with much pride and passion. As she continued to grow her skill set in working with customers, providing solutions, and learning to manage a team, she fell in love with the environment and culture. Ashley joined the Express Family in 2017 as an Employment Specalist. Within this role, she is able to blend her love of people with her love of precise work. Ashley looks forward to continuing to develop her talents as a recruiter and looks forward to many years on the Express team.

    Ashley is very thankful for her work family. She has found a second family and enjoys coming to work daily. Ashley is quoted as having said, "It is nice knowing every morning when I wake up, I get to come and work my dream job."

    Stop by to meet Ashley and the many other great faces at your Oregon City Express Office.

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    Admin jobs in Oregon City, OR - Sarah Walker - Front Office Manager
    Sarah Walker

    Front Office Manager

    "I enjoy seeing the people who are in need of work, leave our office with hope for the future and a new job."

    As our Front Office Manager, Sarah has quickly proven to be an excellent fit for the job due to her sharp attention to detail, an upbeat personality, and her previous property management experience. Sarah relocated to Oregon in 2016 to be closer to her family and to further her professional development.

    Sarah is most likely the first face you see when you walk through our Express office doors. She is warm, friendly, and always excited to help anyone however she can. Using her high attention to detail and follow through, she assists our team with processing payroll so that our clients' billing is correct, and our associates receive accurate payment for their work.

    We are so grateful that Sarah has found a home here with our Express team so please, stop by the office and meet Sarah in person. You will quickly see why she is one of the top-ranking FOC's within the Express system.

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    Rhiannon Smith - Oregon City Staffing Companies
    Rhiannon Smith

    Business Developer

    "My favorite part about working for Express is that I get to make an impact on people's lives. It brings me joy to know that when our associates hit their lowest moments, we can create a foundation of hope and stability for the future by giving them opportunity!"

    Rhiannon joined our Oregon City staffing team in June 2019 and currently serves as our Business Developer. She is a tenacious and highly driven individual who feels that she can achieve anything she puts her mind too. For Rhiannon, the sky is the limit-and that's the kind of attitude we value in our Business Developers!


    Prior to Express Employment Professionals, Rhiannon attended Columbia college where she majored in Business Management with a minor in Criminal Justice. After college, Rhiannon became a military police officer in the US Army Reserves, during which she was also the General Manager for multiple cooperate gyms with over 10 years' experience in sales. This led to her developing a strong internal team in sales while efficiently running all departments and in turn, aided in creating some of the best Sales Counselors internationally!

    Personal Interests

    Rhiannon enjoys the outdoors and trying new things like rock climbing and fishing. She is an avid gym goer.

    Something Unique

    Rhiannon thinks "outside the box". She knows how to adapt and how to make great things even better with her driven mindset.

    Best Skillset


    Favorite Quote

    "You should set targets for yourself that are 10X greater than what you are capable of achieving, and. you should take actions that are 10X greater than what you require to achieve your goals!" - Grant Cardone

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    Josey Koehn - Office Services Jobs in Oregon City, OR
    Josey Koehn

    Front Office Coordinator

    "I am happy to support the efforts of this dynamic team as they work to find employment opportunities for those in our community!"

    Express Employment Professionals welcomed Josey Koehn to the team in August 2019! As our Front Office Coordinator, Josey is dedicated to maintaining a professional and friendly environment here in the office. She has made it her goal to make the stressful task of job searching in Oregon City more accessible and less complicated for our job seekers.


    Originally born and raised in a small town in Northeastern Oregon, Josey moved to the west side of Oregon five years ago for educational and career opportunities.

    Prior to joining the Express family, Josey was a student at Oregon State University in Corvallis. During her time at the University, she worked as a Study Facilitator for collegiate athletes, a Coordinator for the new student orientation program, and as a Coordinator for Wellness Affairs within the student body government.

    Personal Interests

    When she's not serving as the office hub, Josey loves to cook, spend time outside, listen to podcasts and take care of her five chickens.

    Best Skillsets

    Planning events and projects.

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    Jane Klumb

    On-Site Account Manager for Bob's Red Mill

    "The most rewarding part of working for Express is getting the chance to meet a person, learn about their life and what they want for themselves, and not only being able to be a part of their growth, but to watch it happen and be an advocate and serve as a person that cares about them and has their back. My favorite part of working for Express, the thing that makes all the hard work, overtime hours, and stress worth it, is that I am able to help change people's lives."

    In March 2019, the Express Oregon City team welcomed Jane to the team as our new On-Site Account Manager. Hard-working, dedicated, and an efficient individual, Jane is the kind of employee who always goes above and beyond to ensure that her associates, clients, and internal team have everything they need.


    Jane was born in Portland, but currently lives in Lyon which is about 30 minutes east of Salem, Oregon. She lives in a guest house on her dad's 20-acre property - which where she grew up after her family moved away from the city. Jane drives about an hour and ten minutes to-and-from work each day-talk about dedication!

    Before working at Oregon City Express, Jane owned her own photography business, worked in retail & customer service, and spent most of her time studying at LBCC.

    Personal Interests

    Jane is passionate about all things art! She is an avid music listener, appreciator, and concertgoer. She dedicates a good chunk of her free time to hunting down and listening to new music so that she can add to her music collection of almost 5000 songs!

    While in school, Jane was studying to become a writer. She enjoys writing poetry and is currently working on her first novel! Jane also enjoys working with different mediums, such as charcoal, acrylic and watercolor paint, and graphite pencils to create different works of art.

    Something Unique

    Jane has 8 tattoos - her favorite being a portrait of Audrey Hepburn.

    Best Skillsets

    Jane's best skillsets are, her ability to dedicate herself to just about anything, her high level of efficiency, and her eagerness to learn.

    Favorite Quote

    "The bravest thing you can do, is be unafraid to feel." - Bridgett Devoue

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