• Express HR Services

    Express sells HR services that provide up-to-date human resource information as a part of our Total Client Care program. Once you've become a client of Express, we show you that we are more than just a staffing company by services such as our HR Help Line, Onsite training, and LEADS Events .

  • HR Help Line

    The HR Help Line is a dedicated 800 number that allows you to have access to Express's certified HR experts who can answer general HR questions and provide assistance with specific issues. As an HR Help Line client, you will receive an overview of your state/provincial employment laws, a checklist to help audit your internal practices, updates on changes in employment law, and access to HR webinars on a regular basis.

    What are some examples of call topics?

    • Discipline and termination issues (some limitations in Canada)
    • Harassment/discrimination complaints
    • Wage and Hour practices (such as classifications, overtime questions, etc)
    • Working with employees with disabilities
    • I9 Compliance
    • Laws regarding social media
    • Requests for sample policies and forms

    Who would benefit most from this service?

    Current staffing clients or prospects:

    • With no HR department
    • Asking HR questions
    • With an HR department in need of a resource
    • Experiencing discrimination/harassment charges or complaints
    • Downsizing their HR department

    How do you benefit from this?

    • Peace of mind in knowing they are in compliance with employment laws and regulations
    • Allows them to focus on their core business
    • Saves time and money
    • Keeps them up-to-date on important employment issues

  • Onsite Client Training

    This is training conducted by Express' certified HR professionals at your facility. It is customized to address the specific needs and challenges that you are experiencing.

    Who would benefit most from this service?

    Staffing clients and prospects experiencing challenges such as:

    • Discrimination complaints
    • Regulatory compliance concerns
    • Customer service issues
    • Turnover, low morale, or lack of employee engagement

    How do you benefit from this?

    • Educates and protects clients from employment-related lawsuits
    • Enhances client productivity and profitability
    • Reduces turnover and improves morale
    • Improves communication and collaboration
  • Contact one of our Express representatives for more information regarding our HR services.