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  • Thumbnail - Express Blog Articles How to Ace a Phone Interview? Rantoul, IL - 11/29/2023 Interviews are usually the most daunting part of the hiring process, and a phone interview is no different. In this blog, you’ll learn some of the best tips to help you ace a phone interview.
    Thumbnail - Express Blog Articles 3 Tips for Writing a Job Description to Attract the Ideal Candidate Rantoul, IL - 10/26/2023 Hiring a new employee can seem daunting. If you’re not careful when crafting your posting, you might accidentally turn away the perfect applicant. In this blog from a leader in administrative jobs, you’ll find three tips to writing a job description to attract the ideal candidate.
    Thumbnail - Express Blog Articles Avoiding Resume Mistakes: How to Polish Your Resume for Job Success Rantoul, IL - 09/21/2023 You’ve probably heard that a good resume is the key to catching the attention of hiring managers. And that’s true! In this post from an expert in career hiring, you’ll learn what to avoid when crafting your resume.
    Thumbnail - Express Blog Articles How to Know if You’re a Good Candidate for the Job Rantoul, IL - 08/29/2023
    If you’re currently searching for a new job, you might be feeling unsure about whether you’re a good fit for the positions you’re applying to. The truth is, most of us have felt that way at some point in our careers.
    Thumbnail - Express Blog Articles The Top 4 Benefits of Temporary Jobs Rantoul, IL - 07/31/2023 Temporary jobs, also known as temp jobs, have been increasing in popularity over the years. They offer employers an opportunity to fill short-term employment gaps while providing workers with a chance to gain valuable work experience.