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  • WEB15CTA_150x100_ExpressNews Owners of Five Successful Offices Named Express Franchisees of the Year Rantoul, IL - 03/21/2021 In their nearly 20 years with Express Employment Professionals, Richard and Lynn Yoerk have come full circle from working in a franchise to owning five of their own today in Illinois.
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  • 3-8-23-Open-Jobs Almost Half of U.S. Companies Can’t Fill Open Positions OKLAHOMA CITY - 03/08/2023 Despite the optimistic hiring outlook in 2023, 91% of U.S. companies expect to face challenges, including 45% of hiring managers who say they have open positions they cannot fill.
    Inflation and Labor Shortages Historic Inflation and Labor Shortage Forcing Businesses to Raise Prices OKLAHOMA CITY - 02/22/2023 Record low unemployment may mean good news for American job seekers but coupled with stubbornly high inflation, companies are being forced to make difficult choices to stay afloat, including continuing to pass on increased operating costs to consumers.
    Expectations for Wage Increases Hiring Remains Strong, But Costly OKLAHOMA CITY - 02/08/2023 Expectations for wage increases have steadily risen over the past few years with 2023 marking their highest level yet. Seventy-five percent of hiring managers predict employees at their companies will receive a bump in pay this year, up from 58% in 2020.
    Semi Retirement Offering Semi-Retirement to Workers Could Slow Turnover OKLAHOMA CITY - 01/25/2023 With employee turnover showing no signs of slowing down, offering older workers a chance to delay full retirement may help slow the exodus—even if only momentarily.
    Social Media Use at Work 88% of Hiring Managers Would Consider Firing Workers for Content in Personal Social Media Posts OKLAHOMA CITY - 01/11/2023 Personal social media posts are not off limits to employment determinations as 88% of U.S. hiring managers say they would consider firing employees for content found in workers’ posts.