Our Staff

  • Melinda Chastain

    Front Office Coordinator

    Melinda joined the Express team in June 2019.  She is a (nearly) native Oregonian who grew up in a small town in the Rogue valley before moving to Oakland at 16.  After marrying her high school sweetheart they raised two fabulous sons who are also OHS graduates.  Melinda is happy to greet you when you come in and always willing to help with whatever needs doing.  She's famous in the office for asking so many questions and overthinking everything.

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    Allyson Cates

    Skilled Trades Division Manager, Employment Specialist

    Allyson joined the Express team in March of 2015. Versed in several different fields, she has over 10 years work experience from the food industry to the spa industry. As a Roseburg native, she is passionate about where she is from as she's "been here all of her life and couldn't imagine being raised anywhere else." Allyson's excitement about her Express Roseburg team dynamic and relations drives her to love coming to work every day and enjoy what she does.

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    Jennifer Hall

    Professional Division Manager, Employment Specialist

    Jennifer started her career at Express in July 2014. After her move to Roseburg in 1995 she has worked in an array of positions from receptionist to bookkeeper. Her favorite part about working at Express Roseburg is being able to help our Associates reach their full potential and seeing their job as they grow in their careers. Jennifer's kindhearted nature, compassion, and organization skills are a true asset to the office.

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    Antoinette Hale

    Wood Products Division Manager, Employment Specialist

    Antoinette started her career with the Express team in June of 2015. She has stepped into a recruiting role with an eager and joyful enthusiasm, and has worked her way up to becoming our Wood Products Division Manager. Antoinette has always enjoyed utilizing her customer service skills and will continue to enjoy placing associates with the perfect position in the wood products industry. You can always count on her to greet you with a smile!

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    Nicholas Wiggins

    Business Developer, Employment Specialist

    Nicholas started at Express in March of 2018. Raised in Douglas County, he knows the area and enjoys helping local businesses thrive. He began as a recruiter and soon worked his way into business development. As a recruiter he aims to place his associates in the best possible position. As a Business Developer he strives to learn and develop new and creative ways to best serve his clients business needs. Nicholas works hard to listen and attend to all his associates and client's needs, doing everything he can help everyone succeed. 

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    Amber Thiessens

    Payroll Specialist

    Amber began working at Express in April of 2019.  She splits her time between doing payroll for the Express office and Accounts Payable for one of our clients.  "Joining the Express team has been a blessing.  It's a great feeling to enjoy coming to work."

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    Kristi Cook

    Marketing Specialist

    Kristi has been part of the Roseburg Express office since it started back in 2007.  She is the wife of owner, Willis Cook, and has helped in a variety of roles over the years.  In September of 2019 she started working part time as the Marketing Coordinator.  Kristi has enjoyed the challenge of learning a new skill set after being home with her kids. "I love Douglas County and am excited for this new journey!"  

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    Don Cook

    Business Developer

    Don has been on the team since 2010! "I enjoy the opportunity to learn about the businesses in Douglas County and support their vision of business growth." Don always enjoys brainstorming over coffee or lunch regarding a company's staffing challenges or process improvement goals.

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