What Job-Seekers Should Know About Employment Agencies in Walla Walla

  • What Job-Seekers Should Know About Employment Agencies in Walla Walla 

    Walla Walla, WA - March 21, 2019

    Employment Agencies in Walla Walla | Express Employment Professionals Walla Walla

    If you've never used employment agencies in Walla Walla, you might be skeptical of their impact. How can they help you in ways that you can't help yourself? For our company, Express Employment Professionals Walla Walla, it's pretty simple: over the past decades, businesses rely more and more on agencies to find new workers. If you're not using an agency, you're just missing out on jobs that could be great for you. Here's what you should know about working with our company. 

    How Can Express Pros in Walla Walla Help You Find Work? 

    What can we do to get you hired? Here are a few ways that Express Employment Professionals Walla Walla makes it happen: 

    • Comprehensive hiring help for free. Imagine you had a team of professionals dedicated to helping you get hired. That's what happens when you use Express Employment Professionals Walla Walla. Our hiring experts will work closely with you to help you find jobs, position yourself as an employee, and even assist with interview resources. All at no cost to you. 
    • Tons of job opportunities.  With our staffing agency, we work with companies every day in the Walla Walla Valley who are seeking new hires. These companies vary in industry, size, and even what types of workers they're looking for. As a job-seeker, you can tap into some of these great jobs. 
    • Temp assignments now.  When you're early in your career, temp assignments can be hugely beneficial to leveling up your knowledge, training, and network of contacts. It also doesn't hurt that you're earning a paycheck almost immediately. We can often help you get temporary assignments right away. 

    How To Make The Most of Express Pros in Walla Walla

    What are ways that you can make the most of your job search? While we can only speak specifically for Express Employment Professionals Walla Walla, here are a few tips: 

    • Tell us what you need. At our employment agency, it's our priority to find work environments in the Walla Walla Valley where you'll thrive. Tell us what you're looking for, so we can better personalize our search. 
    • Get feedback from professionals. Are you worried about a certain gap in skills? Think an employment gap might be a problem? Just ask for feedback on your resume or skills profile from our experts. 
    • Use free resources! In addition to our hiring team, we also have a robust career toolkit for all job-seekers to take advantage of. Use these free resources to improve software skills and more!

    Express Pros in Walla Walla is here to help you-so why not take advantage of the opportunity? Get started with our employment agency by starting your profile online , or calling us at (509) 522-1326.