Employee of the Month

  • Employee of the Month

    Sal Dellessio

    June 2024 Employee of the Month

    Adaptability and efficiency are top success criteria in the workplace. Associate Sal Dellessio is a prime example of someone with both attributes and is praised by his supervisor for being a “fast-paced hard worker that is willing to help wherever possible.

    When asked about his experience with Express so far, Sal told us that he feels like we truly care, and he is enjoying working with us.

    We are enjoying working with you, Sal! Congratulations – you’re our June Employee of the Month! 

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    Veronica Gutierrez

    May 2024 Employee of the Month

    What does it mean to be adaptable and “good with people” in business? According to her supervisor: associate Veronica Gutierrez excels at building rapport and trust with existing and prospective customers and is quick to learn new software and systems, approaching all tasks with patience and enthusiasm.

    Thanks, Veronica, for your flexibility and perseverance! And congratulations on being our May Employee of the Month! 

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    Richard Vang

    April 2024 Employee of the Month

    Keen and committed, associate Richard Vang is a model employee. His supervisor is impressed with his willingness to learn about the business and his strong customer service skills.

    Richard, we’re impressed with your commitment to the job, as well. Happy Administrative Professionals Day and congratulations for being our April Employee of the Month! 

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    Keanan Dwyer

    March 2024 Employee of the Month

    Exemplary attendance and amiability make associate Keanan Dwyer an exceptional addition to our client’s team.  His supervisor claims that they “can count on him every day to complete his daily work on time” and that he “gets along well with everyone on [their] team.”

    Thanks for being someone we can count on, Keanan! Congratulations – you’re our March Employee of the Month!


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    Jamillah Presley and Nat Ving

    February 2024 Employees of the Month

    Associates Jamillah Presley and Nat Ving share a strong work ethic and a commitment to their team’s success. They embody our company values, bringing their positivity and passion to help to work each day.

    Congratulations, Nat and Jamillah – we’re so thrilled to be working with you and thank you for all that you do!

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    Mitchell Schommer

    December 2023 Employee of the Month

    Dedication, resourcefulness and reliability are a recipe for success in the workplace. Associate Mitchell (Mitch) Schommer is a prime example of all three and “a pleasure to work with”, as well, according to his supervisor. That’s part of the reason why we’re recognizing Mitch as our December Employee of the Month.

    Congratulations, Mitch, and thank you for all you do!


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    Der Xiong

    November 2023 Employee of the Month

    Reliability and adaptability are what make Der Xiong an outstanding associate. According to her supervisor, Der is” always and willing to learn new tasks” and is “focused on the task at hand.” It’s no surprise that they are “happy to have Der on the team.”

    Thank you, Der, for always being someone we can count on. And congratulations – you’re our November Employee of the Month!


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    Kailyn Carson

    September 2023 Employee of the Month

    Bringing positivity to the workplace, associate Kaillyn Carson never fails with her strong work performance and punctuality, exceeding our expectations for her role. According to her supervisor, she’s a “joy to work with” and “her consistency, collaboration and communication are second to none.”

    Thanks, Kailyn, for helping create your team’s success. And congratulations for being our Employee of the Month!


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    Randy Armenta

    August 2023 Employee of the Month

    Attitude and aptitude are what make associate Randy Armenta stand out. According to his hiring manager and supervisor, Randy “continues to do a great job”, “has been very reliable” and “has been a great asset” to the team.

    Thanks, Randy, for all the hard work and positivity you bring to the job! Congratulations – you’re our August Employee of the Month!

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    Elizabeth Wiley

    July 2023 Employee of the Month

    Dedicated and driven, associate Elizabeth Wiley is always quick to learn and finish tasks. Her supervisor claims Elizabeth’s enthusiasm is contagious and “you can’t help smile when you are around her.”

    With comments like that, we can’t help but name Elizabeth our July Employee of the Month! Elizabeth, congratulations and thank you for bringing your positivity into the workplace!

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    Kristine Walker

    June 2023 Employee of the Month

    A strong work ethic, positive attitude and commitment to excellence are what associate Kristine Walker brings to her workplace daily. Kristine’s supervisor describes her as a “wonderful addition to the team” who “embodies [their] team’s values.”

    Congratulations to Kristine for being named Employee of the Month and thank you for everything you do!

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    Noah Anderson, Ricardo Garcia, Aaron Lang

    May 2023 Employees of the Month

    We had a hard time choosing just one associate to recognize this month – so we went with three! According to their supervisor, associates Noah Anderson, Ricardo Garcia and Aaron Lang have all demonstrated great attendance, exemplary performance and strong communication skills.

    That’s why we’re selected all three of them to be our May Employees of the Month! Thanks for all your hard work and congratulations, Noah, Ricardo and Aaron!

    Email Noah Anderson, Ricardo Garcia, Aaron Lang

    Noel Martinez

    April 2023 Employee of the Month

    Associate Noel Martinez knows that communication is key in the workplace. Noel has been helping our client close communication barriers with the Spanish community and is always open to hard work and helping out where needed. This is why we've given Noel a brand new Express-branded back pack, pen and earbuds and named him our April Employee of the Month!

    Congratulations, Noel and thanks for all you do!


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    Debbie Zinkgraf

    February 2023 Employee of the Month

    According to her supervisor, associate Debbie Zinkgraf is “an excellent team player with a stellar attitude,” who is “reliable, dependable and very detail-oriented” and “brings qualities that are hard to come by.”

    We agree – which is why we are naming Debbie our February Employee of the Month.

    Congratulations, Debbie and thank you for your consistently rave-worthy performance!

    Email Debbie Zinkgraf

    Tyler Friedman

    January 2023Employee of the Month

    A great work ethic and a great attitude go a long way in the workplace! Associate Tyler Friedman has demonstrated both since he started on assignment with us and has impressed our client with his commitment to the job and friendly and positive personality.

    Thanks for all your hard work, Tyler! Congratulations for being named our January Employee of the Month! 

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    Antwone Mann

    December 2022 Employee of the Month

    Associate Antwone Mann came to Express looking for a long-term opportunity with better pay. According to his supervisor, Antwone “has been a wonderful addition” to the team, “always willing to do what it takes to get things done” and “his experience has helped him grow.”

    And the good news keeps coming! On top of being hired on permanently by our client this month, Order Picker Antwone is our pick for December Employee of the Month!

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