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  • A big THANK YOU to every Client and Associate who has taken time out of their day to review our Express office in Orlando, FL. Our consultants aim to provide Orlando Metro with the best employment options possible and by sharing your individual experiences, you are gifting us with the opportunities we need to continue improving! 

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    Julia J. - "As an employee for over 20 years, I can say that they, as a company, are amazing. Such a calm and friendly manner that it is easy to forget how hard that they are working for the customers and their employees."


    Jimmy R. - "From Management to the staff, I have received total assistance for me looking for employment. I am very grateful to Rachel for all that she has done for me‼️ Express has done for me what I asked for. They ask the appropriate questions for your needs. Thank you Express Employment Professionals"


    Carlos P. - "They have always been attentive to our work and they have never abandoned me either personally or professionally. I really feel a great relief to be affiliated with Express and their wonderful team, I give them a thousand points and more."


    Ify E. - "I have been working for express for the past 2 month and I would not have found any staffing company than this. This is the best place to look for an employee or employer. Express is the best."


    Margarita P. - "Great people! I immediately was hired for a job I applied for! They help me out and explained the job to me.... and I have to say I am very happy with my job! Thank you, it’s hard to find a good, professional and responsive staffing agency I’m glad to be part of it!"


    Kenyetta W. - "I have been with the company for years. Really appreciate how they try to keep you working. David is the best, very professional and his energy will make anybody's day better. Thank you David, we appreciate you!"


    Almond B. - "Express Employment but I'll keep it simple. By far the BEST, MOST RELIABLE and UNDERSTANDING company or there. Erica, David, Dalton, & Michelle I couldn't ask for better recruiters as a matter of fact they're family. I had just moved back into town and had a hard time trying to find work and went to Express. Immediately they put me to work when I had car trouble they relocated me somewhere closer without a doubt they are very considerate compassionate and always willing to work with their clients especially when they know you are willing to work. There hasn't been a time that I have called and wasn't able to speak with someone or start working as soon as possible I love these guys I recommend them to everybody and I wouldn't go anywhere else if I had to choose but thankfully to them I've got an awesome job that I started out as a temp and I wouldn't go anywhere else I've gotten promoted employee of the quarter and I am glad and it's all thanks to Express Employment Professionals! If you need temporary work or even full-time you looking for closer work to be close to your family they will make that happen for you when I say they are the best and that the best is not even the word I should use they are the greatest ever!!!"

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