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  • This office has the most professional and caring consultants. I lost my job and needed employment fast. They did everything they could to help me out. I'm about to get hired on and I thank them for everything. - A. Izzura 

    Susan does an excellent job overall and is very reliable. She takes a lot of pride in her work and ensures her job is done to the highest level of excellence. There is not just one thing she does well or one incident where she went above and beyond, she goes above and beyond in all areas, all the time. I appreciate her and enjoy working with her. - J. Dionne

    When I was dealing with the fickleness of a particular company, Kayla worked with me to get me squared away. Even if it meant going on another assignment. She focused on my career goals and necessities. - M. Payne

    Andy helped me every step of the way and was understanding when problems arouse. -Q. Bradfield

    Terri very supportive and professional. - M. Cardillo

    Helped me with the job I got. - L. Parks

    Laura agreed to recommend me to be hired as a permanent employee. I got the job and I'm grateful. - S. Jones

    Terre and Christa are always available and able to help us in any way. - J. Shea

    Helped me find a new position immediately and supported and advocated for me while I was an employee. Thank you for your awesome service! I definitely would recommend!! - J. Tyler

    Gigi always listens to you and always tries to assist you in whatever area your having difficulty in. Gigi you rock, I love her! - F. Fundador

    Gigi and April both went above and beyond to place me where I was most happy and satisfied! Both are very caring...also Kenny is great as well! All show great compassion! - N. Anthony

    Susan ensured I was aware of all opportunities, my attendance and my options. - S. Pratt

    Kenny was always there for the employees. Kenny went the extra mile to help anyone. Outstanding Express Employment staff member. - C. Jenkins

    Kenny and Gigi are always there for you, even on their days off. Plus if you have a problem they will resolve it for you right then and there and they made sure that I always had a smile on my face. - J. Ward

    Kayla strives for excellence and is constantly in communication with me to make sure my needs are being met. When looking for candidates, she asks enough questions to make sure that she can find the right candidate for my needs. -D. Chambers

    While I was in my recovery treatment program, Andy assured that I would have a job when I got out and he was always kind to me. -K. Greaves


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