• Respecting People. Impacting Business.

    It's what we strive to do on a daily basis, and we think we do a pretty good job.
    But don't take our word for it. Take a look at what our clients and associates have to say about us:


    First time using temporary workers and Express.
    Both were a positive experience.
    Dave - Client

    Our contact with Express has been very positive,
    and the candidate they sent was stellar.
    Ralph - Client

    I feel comfortable working with this company and
    their personnel.
    Sarah - Client

    Your service has brought more viable candidates
    than any other comparable sources to fill our needs.
    We have been able to hire on more of the temporary
    employees that we obtained working with you than
    we have with other agencies.
    Fran - Client

    We have been very happy with every Express
    representative we have worked with. They are very
    careful to keep our company's needs in mind when
    they place candidates here and follow up to make
    sure we are satisfied with them. Occasionally we
    have had someone who didn't show up or who didn't
    really want to work up to expectations, and they very
    quickly contacted them and took care of the issue.
    They have been great!
    Ann - Client


                 The Express Employment Indy East staff are true
                 professionals helping you every step of the way
                 towards gainful employment. They make the job
                 hunting chore a fun and friendly journey. If you are
                 in search of employment, I would strongly
                 recommend contacting the Indy East staff!!
                 John - Associate

                 I've worked for Express Indy East for almost 2yrs
                 now and my experience has been EXCELLENT.
                 The ladies at the front desk are very sweet and make
                 sure to try and answer all questions and concerns.
                 Not to mention my rep Jennifer is the best in the
                 business. She calls to check on you even when not
                 on an assignment. Express is a Great growing
                 Corey - Associate

                 Express Employment Professionals is a fantastic
                 company. They were quick to bring me in and interview
                 me for a position and they look to put you in a position
                 that best fits you rather than trying to just fill a position.
                 They were all very friendly and recommend Express
                 to all.
                 Josh - Associate

    Every time someone leaves our office with a smile (and a job!), we feel good about the work we've done. In addition to the above testimonials, we have secured the following: