A Provider of Temp Services in Lakewood Reveals How to Talk About Weaknesses During a Job Interview

  • A Provider of Temp Services in Lakewood Reveals How to Talk About Weaknesses During a Job Interview

    Lakewood, CO - August 13, 2021

    Job Search in Lakewood, CO Have you ever been asked, "what is your greatest weakness?" 

    It's a common interview question and one that can make even the most confident people anxious. Often, job candidates answer this question with something like, "I'm sometimes too hard on myself," or "I work too hard sometimes." 

    In most cases, however, candidates should try to steer away from discussing personal weaknesses and instead focus on job-related weaknesses. To help inspire you for your next interview, here are five questions to ask yourself about any potential weaknesses provided by a Lakewood  job center:  

    1. Is it specific enough?
      1. Does it directly apply to the role for which you are applying?
      2. Does it describe an objective shortcoming that can be overcome through hard work? 
    2. Is it realistic?
      1. Could you overcome your weakness?
      2. Did you previously show signs of improvement for this weakness?
      3. Is it something that most people recognize as a problem in their own lives, not just an issue specific to you personally?
    3. Does it demonstrate my strengths better than any weaknesses?
      1. What are your greatest skills and accomplishments related to the role at hand, and how do they reflect well on your candidacy if paired with a legitimate weakness (e.g., excellent management skills coupled with the candid admission of being slightly disorganized)?
    4. Will I be prepared enough to discuss my answers in detail, if asked about them in an interview?
      1. Have you given some thought to examples or scenarios in which your weakness would be a challenge for you?
      2. Can you think of counterexamples that demonstrate how you overcame the issue, if applicable?
      3. Are there any good references to reach out to who could speak highly about your work ethic and ability to deliver despite personal shortcomings (e.g., former managers, coworkers, clients)? 
    5. Will it help me stand out from other candidates vying for the same job?
      1. If everyone at the company seems great on paper and is considered a promising candidate, will discussing this weakness make me more memorable in a positive way as compared to others who played it safe with their response? 

    Cool, now you're ready to talk about specific weaknesses in an interview! 

    Here are some tips on how to approach the question and make it work in your favor: Talk about a genuine weakness that doesn't impact the job. Your interviewer will appreciate your honesty if it demonstrates that you are self-aware of issues and can acknowledge them without making excuses. Mention examples of when you've been less than stellar but put forth extra effort to improve. An example is painting yourself as "a work in progress" but being cognizant enough to know where you need help, then telling a story or two about concrete steps toward improvement. (Note: Don't be afraid of talking about real problems!) You can do this! Schedule your next interview through Express - Lakewood, a provider of  administrative jobs.  

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