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    Building Relationships.

    Deciding Express is your first choice temp agency in Lakewood means you're choosing to work with a team of local staffing experts that are aligned with reputable Employers from all over the Lakewood and surrounding communities. In addition to obtaining work opportunities for you, we also have career development services that we offer, free of charge, to all our Job Seekers and Associates that will increase their chances of obtaining and keeping jobs in Lakewood . 

  • Opening Doors for Our Jefferson County Job Seekers

    As long as there are businesses operating out of community, there will always be someone hiring in Lakewood, but how do you find that one business that is hiring for a position you want and treats their employees with the respect they deserve? That's where our team comes into play. As one of the most effective employment agencies in Lakewood, our staff of certified professional recruiters can open the doors to your next employment opportunity and lead you down the path to success! Express Employment Professionals are here to serve our local Job Seekers anyway we can and will stand by you from the minute you request our assistance finding quality job openings in Lakewood, to your first days at your new place of employment. services, to your beginning day at your brand-new work opportunity.

  • Opening Doors

  • Let Us Be Your Expert Source for Employment

    Don't let your job search in Lakewood become any more of a challenge than it has to be! Express Employment Professionals are a unified team of trained talent seekers who can serve as your expert source on how to get an interview, ace it, and then get hired on by one of Jefferson County's top Employers. We are dedicated and determined to get every individual that walks into our office a spot in a well established company's workforce and in order to be able to reach that goal, we make sure we have a range of different job options for our Job Seekers. Express makes placements for Short-Term, Long-Term, Temporary, Direct Hire, Evaluation Hire, and Contract positions.

    If you aren't interested in an assignment that you are chosen for, don't feel obligated to take it. We frequently find new job vacancies in Lakewood so if an offer is not the appropriate one for you, do not be afraid to let us know so we can proceed and discover other assignments. We also can accommodate a range of Job Seeker needs - from going into the workforce for the very first time, to moving employment, to searching for something temporary to supplement your present income. So regardless of your ambitions, our Express faculty is right here to help you locate your method to new employment, employment opportunities, workforce, place of employment, career.

  • Several of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of assignments is your office hiring for?

    Express Lakewood makes job placements that fall anywhere in or between the following industries:

    • Office Services (Administrative)
    • Light Industrial (Commercial)
    • Professional

    Does your office only help Job Seekers and staff for jobs in Lakewood?

    Our agency is located in Lakewood, but our services reach out to surrounding areas like: Edgewater, Ken Caryl, Morrison, Genesee, Evergreen, Englewood, and Denver.

    Are there any Employee Benefits offered if I become an Associate?

    Yes! Express Employment Professionals has some of the best benefits and compensation packages in the staffing industry! You can find out more about what we can offer you once you start working with us, on our Employee Benefits page!

    I never got called back for an interview after I finished the application process. Why is that?

    Trying to make quick but accurate placements for every employment seeker that walks into our office into a job is one of our biggest missions at Express, but we aren't always successful in doing so. We hire for the jobs that have the most dire need for an Associate and then go from there, so if you haven't received a call about the job you applied for, please feel contact our office and follow up with us!

    Why haven't I heard from you in awhile?

    Our team hasn't forgotten about you, we promise! We work hard to get as many Job Seekers back into the ideal workforce, and the best way for you to ensure you get assignments from us is by submitting your Associate Availability at least once a week, as a way to check in with us and let us know you are still interested in finding jobs hiring in Lakewood.

    Addition questions or concerns? We have a more in-depth FAQs page that you can read through for more questions and answers or you can contact our office and speak to one of our representatives!

  • Our team is determined to help you get hired in Jefferson County - For FREE!

    Express Lakewood does not accept payment from Associate for the employment services we provide. Employers are the only ones involved in this process that are expected to pay, but only if we successful help you find employment in their workforces'!'There are no fees for our Job Seeker services. Our clients (your future Employers) are the only ones involved that are billed and that is only after we have successfully placed you into their workforce!

    So remember - you don't have to look for jobs in Lakewood on your own. Our specialists are here to help you, when you're ready find your next employment opportunity!

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    Types of Jobs

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    Hiring Process

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    Employee Benefits

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    Career Development

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