Express Lakewood Candidate Recruitment Process

  • Good People. Good Business.

    High turnover rates can really put a strain on a business's finances and workforce productivity, but by working with our staffing agency in Lakewood , we are certain we can provide you with the Associates and the tools you need to help reduce your turnover rate and save you both time and money! Contact us today to start your partnership with Express Lakewood today!

  • Candidate Recruitment ProcessYou Take Care of Business. We'll Take Care of You. 


    Your local Express team will manage the recruiting and selection process for you and present you with only the best people for your business needs. Each applicant goes through a multi-step, ISO 9001:2000 certified selection process, including:


    • Applicant Information Verification
    • Interview
    • Skills Evaluation - From computer and office skills to technical proficiencies and behavioral assessments  
    • Employment Verification (Reference Checks) - Confirms job experiences and references
    • Hiring Decision
    • Matching and Assignment to Meet Client's Needs


    Each of these steps is crucial in helping you find skilled, qualified employees. But the most important part of our process is finding the right person who not only fits the job, but your unique company culture, as well.

  • Contact Express and let us send you a qualified worker who fits your job description and company culture.