Find Jobs Hiring in Logan

  • Find Jobs Hiring in Logan

    Logan , UT - December 03, 2021

    Find Jobs Hiring in Logan | Express Employment Professionals Logan If you're a job seeker, there's plenty about the current labor market that's worth celebrating. However, to find jobs hiring that are the right fit for your unique skill set and career goals, it's important to know where to look. Placing your job search in the hands of the hiring professionals at Express Employment Professionals Logan can amp up your chances of finding jobs that suit your skill set and help you move your career forward.

    How to Approach Jobs Hiring in the Current Market

    A recent poll conducted by The Harris Poll shows just how many businesses are struggling with finding the right applicants. In fact, this poll shows that 82% envision encountering hiring issues within the next year or so. Although these are tough times for businesses, they are great for individuals who want to enter the job market or take on a new role. 

    Here are a few things you may want to keep in mind as you go about your job search:

    • Apply to an industry that matches your skill set for best results.  A total of 46% of companies polled reported a lack of applicants with relevant hard skills. This means you're likely to be at the top of the list if you apply to an industry in which you have applicable experience.
    • Shine a light on your soft skills.  While relevant hard skills can certainly help you get your foot in the door, soft skills will seal the deal. Experts have reported concerns that the pandemic has had negative effects on soft skills such as communication and time management, making candidates with these skills a hot commodity.
    • Maintain confidence in salary negotiations.  If you can show you're the best individual for the role, chances are the company isn't going to want to lose you. This gives you a leg up at the bargaining table, meaning it's essential to know your worth.

    We Can Help You Find Jobs Hiring in Logan

    Our services for job seekers are free of charge and make it possible to find a range of jobs hiring in your field and your local area. With our support, you can worry less about the job hunt and focus more on reaching your career goals.

    We're proud to work with job seekers located in:

    • Logan
    • Tremonton
    • Hyrum
    • Brigham City
    • Lewiston
    • Smithfield
    • Providence
    • And other towns in the area

    Reach out to Express Employment Professionals Logan today at (435) 213-9595 to learn more about finding jobs hiring in the Logan area!