• Miami Lakes Express Bridge To A Job

  • Bridge To A Job (n.)

    1. An Associate who has earned a permanent position with a company after working an assignment through Express Employment Professionals in North Miami-Dade, FL

    This program will feature our Express Miami-Dade North Associates who have successfully completed their evaluation hire period and have been hired on by the company where they were working as a temp! Call Express Miami-Dade North Today at (305) 590-8891 to learn more about how we help Job Seekers in our local community find great jobs and careers!

    Express Miami Lakes Bridge To A Job Maura Howard

    Maura Howard

    Strike Maura Howard from any list of the unemployed or under-employed. She successfully completed her evaluation hire period and is now a full-time Administrative Assistant for one of the largest full-service electrical contractors in our area.
    Congratulations, Maura!

    Express Miami Lakes Bridge To A Job Mario Matute

    Mario Matute

    Mario Matute exemplifies our Bridge to a Job program. He started as a temporary worker and demonstrated his value to our client who then hired him for a full-time, long-term position. Matching quality workers and quality companies is at the heart of what we do and the Bridge to a Job program. Mario is joined by his Supervisor Barrington Edwards and Express Employment’s Staffing Consultant Rachel Camacho.
    Great work, Mario!

    Express Miami Lakes Bridge To A Job Mark Shelton

    Mark Shelton

    Mark Shelton is off the job market! After completing his three-month evaluation period, Mark began working full-time for one of Miami's leading distributors as a Shipping and Receiving Clerk.
    Congratulations to you, Mark!

    Express Miami Lakes Bridge To A Job Brenton Gillette

    Brenton Gillette

    Brenton has found a bridge to a job after only a three-month evaluation period as a Shipping and Receiving Clerk for one of Miami's top distributors.
    We wish you the best, Brenton!

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