Types of Jobs at Express Seattle

  • Finding Work That Works for You

    When you partner with Express, your opportunities for employment in Seattle are nearly endless! We work hard to offer you wide selections of assignments including temporary, part-time, full-time, and contract work. We have a comprehensive network of businesses in a variety of  Professional , Light Industrial, Skilled Trades, and Office Services industries. Our Job Seeker services are free for all and we only get paid when you find successful employment with one of our clients - so what do you have to lose? Apply with Express Seattle today!

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  • Find Work with Seattle’s Trusted Employment Agency

    At Express Seattle, we know that a successful job search ends with finding the right job — one that suits your skills, your lifestyle, and your goals. Unlike some other employment agencies in the Seattle area, we take the time to learn what you’re actually looking for when you come to us for help with your job search. That means finding you work in a role that harnesses your skills, in a workplace that makes you feel comfortable, and on a schedule that fits in with the rest of your life. Whether you’re looking for work in an office, a warehouse, or in an executive capacity, our employment agency will help you find what you’re looking for in the Seattle, WA area.

    Harness Your Skillset with Our Employment Agency in Seattle

    There are plenty of reasons to choose our employment agency when you’re searching for work in Seattle. One of the biggest? The breadth of positions we hire for. At Express Seattle, our employment agency hires for an array of white-collar, blue-collar, and professional positions, making it easier to find an opportunity where your background can lead to rewarding employment.

    • Office Services Staffing. Covering everything from clerical positions to call center roles to work as an office manager, our employment agency will allow you to find work with some of Seattle’s most highly regarded employers.
    • Industrial Staffing. Our commercial job placements help job seekers find meaningful and rewarding work in manufacturing and distribution roles. These team-based positions are ideal for job seekers unafraid to roll up their sleeves.
    • Professional Staffing. When Seattle businesses need help finding talented, accredited professionals for high-level positions, they turn to our employment agency. Our professional staffing division, the Specialized Recruiting Group,  gives Seattle’s most talented professionals the inside step on some of the top opportunities in the city.

    Find the Right Opportunity in Seattle

    Job titles are important, but they aren’t the only thing that matters when you’re looking for employment. That’s why our employment agency works with Seattle job seekers to find an opening that fits their life as closely as it fits their skillset.

    Looking for a certain number of hours each week? We can help you find part-time or full-time work on a schedule that works for you. Worried about workplace culture? We’ll take the time to get to know who you are and match you with an opportunity where you can feel like yourself. Looking for work outside of central Seattle? Our employment agency offers placements with businesses in Seattle, South Seattle, and Renton.

    Ready to get started with Seattle’s trusted employment agency. Simply browse our online job listings and apply online, or give us a call to learn more about our services.

  • Express Skilled Trades Icon


    CNC Machinist, Forklift Driver,
    Lathe Operator, MIG Welder,
    TIG Welder, Sheet Metal Mechanic,
    HVAC Technician Mechanic, Pipefitter,
    Millwright, Machine Operator, and more. 

  • Commercial Icon


    Assembler, Welder,
    Lathe Operator, Maintenance Worker,
    Shipping/Receiving Clerk, Warehouse Worker,
    Machinist, and more.

  • Administrative Icon


    Clerical Positions, Receptionist,
    Customer Service Representative,
    Call Center, and more.

  • Professional Icon


    Accounting & Financial, Engineering, Manufacturing, Technical,
    Sales, Health Care Fields,
    and more.

  • Types of Work Assignments

    We know success depends on finding the right job and company to build your career. Express can match you to many types of work assignments, including short- and long-term temporary work and full-time positions. The best job for you may even be within our Express office. Our trained, certified, professional team is ready to help you succeed.

  • Job Opportunities at Express

  • Express Associate

    Being an Express Associate is not a work assignment. However, it does mean you have created a relationship with Express, and we have found or are in the process of finding you a job.

  • Evaluation Hire

    You accept a position for a pre-determined amount of time as a trial period for you and the employer to see if the position is right for you. This can often act as a bridge to full-time employment, but there is no obligation for you or the employer. If the job is not a good fit, your Express team will continue the search for the best job match for you.

  • Temporary and Contract Staffing

    These are job assignments that last different lengths of time depending on your availability and the client company’s needs. These assignments can last a few days, several weeks or even months. Working contract or temporary assignments allows you to explore different fields and gather skills while earning a paycheck.

  • Direct Hire Placement

    Express places you directly with a company in a core position. A relationship with Express gives you access to our extensive network of client companies, salary negotiation support, resume assistance and interview tips. 

  • Contact your Express representative for more information.