Staffing Services in Thousand Oaks, CA

  • The Staff You Need, 
    When You Need Them.

    We are the recruitment agency in Thousand Oaks that you can always rely on to provide you with top-of-the-line business solutions. Our team leaves no stone unturned when educating ourselves on your companies wants and needs so that when you receive solutions and Associates from us, they work the way you need them to in the Office Services, Light Industrial, Skilled Trades, or Professional fields.

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    CNC Machinist, Forklift Driver,
    Lathe Operator, MIG Welder,
    TIG Welder, Sheet Metal Mechanic,
    HVAC Technician Mechanic, Pipefitter,
    Millwright, Machine Operator, and more. 

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    Assembler, Welder,
    Lathe Operator, Maintenance Worker,
    Shipping/Receiving Clerk, Warehouse Worker,
    Machinist, and more.

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    Clerical Positions, Receptionist,
    Customer Service Representative,
    Call Center, Office Manager, Data Entry,
    Executive Assistant, and more.

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    Accounting and Financial, Information Technology,
    Engineering, Manufacturing, Technical,
    Sales, Marketing, Advertising,
    Human Resources, Legal, Health Care Fields,
    Scientific Industries, and more.

  • Express Business Solutions for our Thousand Oaks Companies

    Time is a crucial resource for businesses and as one of the premier recruitment companies in Thousand Oaks, it is our job to help you reserve your resources whenever possible. Employers are always juggling 50 different tasks at a time, from day to day operations of their business to making sure the Associates in their workforce are productive, trained, and happy. So when you inevitably hit a snag in the road when an Employee or Employees exit your businesses' workforce - where do you find the time to recruit more talent and make sure they are capable of performing the job they take over? The answer is Express Employment Professionals. Allow our Express team to take some of the burden off your shoulders by handling the recruiting, screening, and hiring in Thousand Oaks so that you can focus on more pressing matters. Our solutions are ISO certified and proven to be effective and our team is made up of some of Ventura County's best staffing agents!

  • We Hire the Right Way

    Ventura County is busting with local talent that is eager to land an interview with your business, but it's a matter of finding the talent that best compliments the rest of your team and your workforce. As one of our Express clients, we can utilize a number of tactics, testing, and screening processes that will make sure the Associates hired are up to your standards.

    • Creating recruitment ads and job descriptions
    • Reviewing and screening applications and resumes
    • Conducting pre-screen interviews
    • Testing and evaluating skills – over 2,500 different types of tests
    • Checking references and credentials
    • Maintaining ACCURATE and CORRECT I-9’s
    • Conducting drug testing and criminal background checks
    • Verifying application documentation

    PLUS, where applicable to the requirements of the job:

    • Verifying MVR records
    • Verifying educational backgrounds
    • Running credit reports
    • Certification of required licenses and expiration dates
  • Increasing Profits

    A rise in turnover rates is a severe concern if you do not put in the work needed to decrease the reasons, and though you might not have enough time or the ability - Express does. Our Thousand Oaks recruitment professionals have years of experience when it comes to reducing turnover rates, pinpointing avoidable expenses, and then afterwards offering dependable options for these concerns to ensure that your organization can prosper, conserve hours, and make sure that your workforce is running solid. We use any one of the following points when identifying the reasons of your turnover and retention problems:

    • Organizational Effectiveness Survey
    • Leadership training and employee development
    • Employee handbook creation and review
    • Strategic staffing solutions
    • HR Hotline
    • HR Audit
    • Safety audit
  • Boosting Productivity

    There’s always ways to improve! At Express Thousand Oaks, we want your company to flourish. To make that happen, we work hard to ensure you are provided a team of skilled and specialized job seekers for your business. No two organizations are identical and what benefits one organization might not help your own, which is why we provide a selection of recruitment solutions in order to help you reach the level of efficiency that you desire:

    • Short-Term and Long-Term Assignments
    • Contract Staffing
    • Evaluation-Hire
    • Direct Hire  
    • Professional Search 
    • Onsite Services
    • Types of Work Assignments

      Whether you need to add staff for a short-term project or are looking for a full-time employee, Express can customize workforce solutions for your specific business needs. All employees are screened and evaluated to help assess their skills, abilities, and culture fit before we send them to you. And, Express never charges a fee for our services to the people we place.

    • Short- or Long-Term Contract Work

      Temporary staffing solutions to address fluctuating business needs. Whether it’s for a few days or several months, you’ll have the staff you need, when you need them.

    • Evaluation Hire

      A workforce solution that allows for an evaluation period to assess a potential new employee’s skills, expertise, and personality before you make a hiring decision.

    • Direct Hire Placement

      Express uses its extensive recruiting expertise to find and screen the best fit for your specific job requirements. Employees are placed directly with your company for a one-time fee.

    • Professional and Executive Search

      Whether for career positions or contract work, our recruiters find the best candidates for your higher-level, specialized needs.

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