• Express Pros - Leadership Center Testimonials & Reviews
  • "Content very relevant to current work place struggles."
    - Mario Natividad – Avant Wellness Systems Inc.

    "Enjoyed the clarity of the presentation and the set of examples Ms. Kriegel shared to the audiences."
    - Ray – Millworks

    "Very engaging and driven. Jessica’s strategy to create a positive culture in the workplace is very successful in my opinion. Interesting tools…"
    - Hanadi Bitar – CK Technologies

    "Don't ever retire! Keep the seminars coming."

    "Loved your energy."

    "Excellent presentation."

    "Clear and easy to understand."

    "Thank you for doing this presentation! I enjoyed it."

    "Overall, very informative and I appreciated the various tips provided for avoiding various decision-making traps."

    "Real-life content and examples as well as the ability to download the slide show and rewatch the seminar to catch things one may have missed the first time."
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