Workforce Solutions

  • The Staff You Need, 
    When You Need Them

    Your local Express team will take the time to understand your business needs. We can connect you with screened and qualified workers in a wide range of Office Services, Light Industrial, Skilled Trades, and Professional positions.

  • Administrative Icon


    Clerical Positions, Receptionist, Customer Service Representative, Call Center, Office Manager, Data Entry, Executive Assistant, and more.

  • Express Skilled Trades Icon  


    CNC Machinist, Forklift Driver,
    MIG Welder, TIG Welder, Mechanic,
    HVAC Technician, Facilities Maintenance,
    Millwright, Pipefitter, Lathe Machinist,
    Mill Machinist, and more.  

  • Commercial Icon


    Assembler, Lathe and Mill Machinist, Maintenance Worker, Shipping/Receiving Clerk, Warehouse Worker, Production and Construction, and more.

  • Express Manufacturing Icon


    Production Operator, Material Handler,
    Crane Operator, Industrial Painter,
    Procurement Clerk, Accounts Payable,
    Manufacturing Engineer,
    CAD Draftsman, and more. 

  • Professional Icon


    Accounting and Financial, Information Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Technical, Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Human Resources, Legal, Health Care Fields, Scientific Industries, and more. 

  • Express Logistics Icon


    Fleet Manager, Forklift Mechanic, Driver Helper,
    E-commerce Agent, Lift Truck Operator,
    Import/Export Clerk, Purchasing Assistant,
    Freight Forwarding Agent, Cargo Agent,
    Warehouse Manager, and more. 

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  • Types of Work Assignments

    Whether you need to add staff for a short-term project or are looking for a full-time employee, Express can customize workforce solutions for your specific business needs. All employees are screened and evaluated to help assess their skills, abilities and culture fit before we send them to you. And, Express never charges a fee for our services to the people we place.

  • Short- or Long-Term Work

    Temporary and contract staffing solutions to address fluctuating business needs. Whether it’s for a few days or several months, you’ll have the staff you need, when you need them.

  • Evaluation Hire

    A workforce solution that allows for an evaluation period to assess a potential new employee’s skills, expertise, and personality before you make a hiring decision.

  • Direct Hire Placement

    Express uses its extensive recruiting expertise to find and screen the best fit for your specific job requirements. Employees are placed directly with your company for a one-time fee.

  • Professional and Executive Search

    Whether for career positions or contract work, our recruiters find the best candidates for your higher-level, specialized needs.

  • Find your staffing solutions now; contact your local Express office.