How to Know Which Staffing Service Is Best for Your Business

  • Learn Which Staffing Services Are Best for You!

    OKLAHOMA CITY - May 25, 2023



    Learn Which Staffing Services Are Best for You!

    5-25-2021Businesses have used staffing services for nearly 100 years to help with seasonal fluctuations in demand and production levels. And while companies in all industries from industrial and office services to skilled trades and professional can benefit from using employment solutions from a staffing company, knowing what type of service works best for your specific business needs is an important step.

    The Workforce Playbook, from Express Employment Professionals, is a comprehensive guide for using staffing to build a stronger and more productive workforce.

    The Workforce Playbook outlines which factors have the largest impact on business, what benefits staffing firms provide to companies, when a company should use a staffing service, and what types of business use staffing.

    While all factors play unique roles in deciding which services your company needs, getting a closer look at what staffing companies provide during specific, real-life scenarios is a great first step to the world of staffing and knowing which service is best for your business. A few scenarios include:

    Regular Seasonal Fluctuations

    Most businesses know when their busy season will hit. So, whether it's just a few days or several
    months, working with a staffing company to build your workforce during those expected fluctuations
    ensures you have the staff you need.

    Unexpected Increase/Decrease in Business

    In addition to preparing for expected busy seasons, a strategy that includes maintaining a number of
    temporary workers allows the flexibility to quickly scale your workforce in response to unexpected
    fluctuations in business volume.

    Project-Specific Needs

    Sometimes, businesses need a professional with a specific skillset for a project or to help get a new
    product line prepared for launch. In these cases, staffing companies provide workers on a contract
    basis who have the experience and expertise you need.

    Evaluate Potential New Core Employees

    There's no guarantee a new hire will be the right fit for the job or your company culture. Many
    staffing companies provide an evaluation period to assess a potential new employee's skills,
    expertise, and personality before you make a full-time hiring decision.

    Building Your Core Staff

    Express uses its extensive recruiting expertise to find and screen the best fit for your specific
    job requirements. Direct-hire employees are placed directly with your company for a one-time fee.
    Whether for career positions or contract work, our recruiters find the best candidates to build to your
    core workforce.

    Whether your company has been through one of these situations or anticipates fluctuations in the future, Express Employment Professionals has the tools to help you with all your employment needs. Contact a locally owned Express office today to see which staffing services work best for you.

    To learn more about the benefits of staffing and how it can strengthen your workforce, download The Workforce Playbook today!