Why Direct Hire Placement Could Be the Key to Your End of Year Success

  • Let Direct Hire Drive Your Business to Year-End Success!

    OKLAHOMA CITY - September 28, 2020




    Why Direct Hire Is Key to Year-end Success 

    As the year comes to a close, some businesses see a rise in demand for talented workers. Whether due to production gains or higher year-end customer demands, companies turn to staffing agencies to help bolster their workforce. While some businesses find that hiring temporary workers is the best choice from them during this time, others may find that filling a specific permanent role is more advantageous now. Here's why direct hire may be the perfect option for your business in the fourth quarter. 9-28-2020

    Take the Hassle Out of Hiring

    The process of finding the perfect candidate to meet your specific needs may seem like a daunting task for one reason: it is. The amount of time and energy spent advertising a position, recruiting for specific needs, reading through hundreds of resumes, and weeding through interested candidates to find the individuals you want to interview can be overwhelming. However, it can also leave you with a candidate who doesn't work out, causing you to go back to the drawing board.

    Staffing agencies that specialize in direct hire placements have access to hundreds of qualified individuals to choose from, as well as a network of recruiters who can search for both active and passive candidates who fit specific skills that your organization is looking for. 

    Get Specialized Talent for Cultural Fit

    Business leaders understand that not only does the perfect candidate need to fit the job description, but the ideal worker needs to fit the company's culture as well. Workers who align with the core values and mission of an organization are more likely to fit with the corporate culture, which in turn, will help with overall engagement, retention, and employee loyalty. It can be incredibly difficult to hire for cultural fit if you don't have a team of recruiters and hiring managers who know exactly what to look for.

    Employment companies that specifically offer direct hire options have experience in not only what traits to look for, but also how to determine what a company needs in order to find the perfect candidate. By focusing on proven hiring practices, a staffing company is able to narrow the field for your culture. After recruiting, they will interview the top candidates to find the right match, so you know when candidates are sent for a final approval interview, they are the best fit for your organization.

    Focus on What You Do Best and Allow Us to Handle the Rest

    Now that organizations begin to focus on year-end goals, some may have catching up to do in the fourth quarter. And, for many companies, the final three months of year represent the busiest quarter of the year. To ensure your organization ends the year on a high note, it's important to have the workers you need in place to meet higher production demands.

    Companies like Express Employment Professionals allow you to focus on the needs of your company by taking care of your hiring needs right now. Whether you're filling a vacant position or creating a new one, Express is here to help. With nearly 40 years of experience in the staffing industry, Express is uniquely equipped to handle any needs you may have. And with more than 825 offices in North America, Express has access to a talent pool our competitors just can't match. 

    Connect with a local office today and see how Express can help you end the year successfully with direct hire options.