Summer Job Tips

  • Why You Should Be Job Searching This Summer

    OKLAHOMA CITY - July 16, 2021




    Why You Should Be Job Searching This Summer

    Summer is usually a great time to chill at the pool or take a vacation. But did you know it's also a terrific time to look for a new job?  And not just because you can surf the web for job opportunities while enjoying the warmer weather. Here are a few reasons to get your summer job search started! 7-16-2021

    Hiring Doesn't Stop

    You might think fewer companies would be hiring during the summer months. This is a prevalent thought among job seekers, but it isn't actually true. According to an interview The Muse conducted with Jennifer Faris, a Senior Recruiter with Vanguard, hiring doesn't slow down at all.

    "The truth is that recruiters and hiring managers do not get their summers off, and companies do not stop their operations," explains Faris, "Summer is a great time for a job search."

    So put on those flip flops and get that job search started!

    People Want to Meet Up

    Since the weather is so much nicer at this time of year, your contacts are more likely to want to meet up. Work is generally slower and less stressful, and folks have vacations to look forward to. Find a fun restaurant with an outdoor patio and send out some invites to your network. You never know who might be able to connect you with that next job opportunity!

    Seasonal Jobs are Available

    The summer months come with summer-specific jobs, and a rise in seasonal hiring. These include positions like lifeguards, landscapers, tour guides, dog walkers, and more! There are also more temporary jobs available, which can lead to fulltime employment. 

    There's Less Competition

    Many job seekers think companies hire less in the summer, but like we said, that's a myth. This means fewer applicants out there to compete with. You can get a jump start on some great jobs by applying now, especially around holidays like the 4th of July.

    In summary, job searching during the summer can be incredibly productive! So don't be afraid to take your laptop outside, enjoy the sunshine, and find a great job. 

    And searching for a summer job doesn't mean you have to be cooped up in the house. If you're at the pool, a ball game, or even on vacation, you can always apply for jobs on the go with the ExpressJobs app. You can download it on Google Play or the App Store.